West Cobb Girls Softball offers both Spring and Fall recreational softball programs for youth girls in the northwest Atlanta Georgia metro counties of Cobb, Paulding and Cherokee.

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Fall 2014 WCGS Post-Season Tournament

All park rules are still in effect with the addition of the following:

1. Games timers will be used. Time starts with the first official pitch. When time has expired, no new inning will begin. If either team has been mathematically eliminated, the game is complete.

2. Rosters are frozen, no fill-in players may be used.

3. No games will be rescheduled except due to weather.

4. If weather presents an issue, the tournament format may be changed to single elimination.

5. The team listed on the top of the bracket will occupy the 1st base dugout.

6. A pre-game coin flip will determine Home & Visitor. In the championship game, the team coming in from the winner's bracket will be the Home Team. Should there be an IF game, a coin toss will determine Home and Visitor.

7. Ties will be broken using our park tie-breaker rule (The batters making the last two outs of the previous inning will be put on 2nd base and 3rd base respectively. Each inning will start with one (1) out). If after two tie-breaker innings the score is still tied, the board member on duty will perform a coin toss to determine the winner. The exceptions are the championship and IF games. Additional tie-breaker innings will be played until a winner is determined.

8. It’s advised both teams keep a scorebook. The Home Team will be the official book and the Visiting Team will recruit a volunteer to work the scoreboard. If the Visiting Team cannot find a volunteer it falls to the Home Team to find a volunteer.