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Important Contact Information




Rink Phone Number:                                      301-652-RINK (7465)           

Main Club Number:                                        301-652-4100

Skate Shop Fax:                                              301-652-5297


Victor Lewton, Skating Director                                          


Matt Gannon,                                                                               

Skating Committee Chair


Karen Morgan, Girls Hockey Committee Chair              

Team Manager Representative



Important Web Site Address:


Capital Beltway Hockey League (CBHL)                                                     www.cbhl.org

USA Hockey                                                                                      www.usahockey.com

            Capital Corridor Hockey League (CCHL)





Thank you for volunteering to be a Chevy Chase Club Hockey Manager.  By volunteering, you are demonstrating your strong commitment to Chevy’s hockey program and your own child’s involvement.  As Manager, you will play a critical role in the organization, communication, and facilitation of your team.  Our dedicated volunteer Coaches benefit by having all of the administrative duties handled by the Manager so that they may concentrate on their primary assignment: Coaching


The purpose of this handbook is to help you understand your role and responsibilities as Manager and to provide you with a checklist of items to accomplish before, during, and at the end of the season.  If you have any questions about your responsibilities or ideas for improving this important position, please contact Karen Morgan, Skating Committee Member and Team Manager Representative.


Many of the items discussed below are specific to travel teams who play in the Capital Beltway Hockey League (CBHL).  However, the basic organizational issues are applicable to any hockey team at Chevy Chase Club.




  • Chief Administrative Officer.  The Manager assumes the team’s administrative responsibilities including those related to organization, communication, equipment, parent assignments, and league submissions.


  • Coach-Parent Liaison.  If a parent has a question, concern, suggestion, grievance and/or complaint, it must first be given to you, the Manager.  As Manager, you then should reflect on the matter, and bring it to the attention of Karen Morgan.  Experience has taught the skating committee that this is the best process for positive resolution and/or implementation. 


  • Equipment Manager.  The Manager is responsible for ensuring that certain equipment is brought to each game.  (A full listing of the equipment requirements can be found under section marked BEFORE EACH GAME).


  • Volunteer Coordinator.  At least four parents are needed for each home game to keep time, manage the penalty box, etc.  It is the Managers responsibility to recruit these volunteers and ensure that they know how to perform their specific duties.  One volunteer is usually needed for each away game to manage the penalty box. During your initial team meeting with coaches and parents, stress the fun and importance of parent volunteerism.


  • Statistician.  During the season, the Manager may be asked to keep an updated cumulative record of the following statistics for the Coaches: goals, assists, shots on goal, shots against, goalie saves and plus/minus.  To do this you should keep a copy of the scoring sheet of each game in case there are issues that need to be resolved during the course of the season.  Again, you may recruit other parents to help keep these statistics. Each coach may have statistics they would like kept. It is useful to keep a spreadsheet of goals scored, assists, and penalties for each game for each child at a minimum. All these statistics are available from the score sheet.


  • Communications Director. The Manager is responsible for communicating information related to schedule changes, special events, etc. ENCOURAGE E-MAIL!! The web site is the easiest way to communicate by e-mail.  All players and their families can determine exactly how/who gets what messages/reminders via the website.


  • Teacher/Mentor.  It is important for the Manager to know how to use the scoreboard and to train several other parents from your team. Instructions are kept in the scorer’s box and members of the Skate Shop staff are available to train you.  We will also have scheduled training sessions for anyone interested. Times will be posted on the bulletin board as well as by e-mail.


  • Schedule Changes. Schedules often change through the year. DO NOT attempt to add or remove a game from your schedule without going through Victor. ALL league and non-league games involving ANY of your players MUST go through Victor. If you need to change a CBHL League game it must be approved through Victor by the CBHL.   It is possible to download power skating, practice, and game schedules into your electronic calendars using the Multi - Schedule tab under the Hockey Team top tab.   These will automatically update.  Parents should be encouraged to use this option.


  • Away Games. Coordinate Away game hotels (if required), accommodations, etc. Chevy has traveled to many of these locations before so it is a good idea to ask around for someone who has traveled to the location previously to get information. In general it is good to look for hotels with a pool and a bar and not too far from the rink. The manager makes the reservations and the team pays for their own room.






  • Meet with Head Coach.  This is an opportunity to share expectations and clearly define roles and responsibilities.  Items for discussion include:  how does the coach want to be notified if a player is going to miss a practice or a game; will practice be held indoors if the rink is closed due to inclement weather; how does the coach want to communicate his/her expectations regarding how early players are to arrive and be dressed prior to games; does the coach desire you to compile, retain, and report statistics; does the coach wish to have his/her team play in any tournaments this year;  is the coach interested in a special team meeting to check all of the equipment of each player; do any players have special medical needs (asthma, allergies, etc.) the coach and manager should be aware of; and does the coach wish to hold a mid-season team meeting to discuss progress?


  • Arrange Team Meeting with Coaches and Players.  This is an opportunity to discuss with parents what will be expected of players and parents during the season.  Decisions made during above referenced meeting with the Head Coach should be shared with parents.  If the coach is interested, parents should be polled to determine their level of interest in tournament opportunities.  If there is a high level of tournament interest, contact Victor Lewton. 


  • Ensure Parents are informed about the information that can be found in the Skating Handbook and on the Chevy’s web site.  Visit the Chevy website often for announcements.  The Skate Shop will also communicate with those visiting the site about rink openings and closings (weather and Holidays, etc.).  www.ChevyChaseClub.org


  • Inform Parents about Power Skating.  Learn whether your Head Coach requires (or heavily encourages) participation in the Monday morning Power Skating Sessions run by David Perry. If not required by your coach, encourage players to participate to better their skating skills.  Players that have attended these sessions in the past have benefited greatly. David does offer small group power skating classes on Monday afternoon before instructional.


  • Sign Up Volunteers.  Since you have both game and practices times, you can begin to assign duties.  During home games, there needs to be a minimum of one adult for each of the following duties: timer, scorekeeper and penalty box.  For away games, a minimum of one adult must be assigned to Chevy’s penalty box.   Volunteer parents in their role are viewed as “off-ice officials” by both USA Hockey and the CBHL (if applicable) and must remain impartial during the game. Loud or “heated” cheering while an “off-ice official” is discouraged.


  • Issue Jerseys.  The Manager must coordinate with the Skate Shop jersey assignments before the start of the season to ensure all rostered players have the proper uniforms before the first game.  The Manager should work with the individual players and the Skate Shop to resolve any problems before the season starts. 


  • Create Team Roster.  The skating committee has a very detailed database of all player/adult/family information that you should request for your team. All contact information is available on the Chevy website. Managers will need to ask parents to update their profiles with cell phone and email information.  The club will provide you with the OFFICAL roster which you should have with you at all times.


  • Submit Roster. Each CBHL team submits an official roster through Victor Lewton, Skating Director, to both USA Hockey and the CBHL. Work directly with Victor to make sure that your roster is 100% accurate before submission. If any changes are made to your team’s roster, an amendment must be filed with both governing bodies via Victor Lewton. For CBHL teams, no roster changes may take place after December 31st. Non-compliance causes fines and may cause game forfeits.


  • Collect Coaching Numbers.  Victor puts the coaching number and levels of the coaches on the label. Please coordinate with Victor and coaches to make sure he has the USA Coaching number for each coach as well as the level. This information is maintained on the web, but must be updated as coaches renew their certificates. Encourage parents who would like to help at practices to obtain their coaching certificates. No one is allowed on the bench without a USA hockey certificate.


  • Inclement/Severe Weather.  In the event of severe weather due, the CBHL has the following Severe Weather Rule in place should the need to reschedule a CBHL League Game arise.

7.2.1 Severe Weather: In the event of severe weather conditions (not a predicted forecast, but actually occurring), a game may be postponed due to hazardous road/driving conditions, which could affect the safety of the players, coaches and parents.

a) Postponement for severe weather conditions may not occur more than 16 hours before the scheduled time.

b) The team manager from each team must contact their Club Scheduler and the League Scheduler and/or Commissioner to report that the game is being cancelled.




  • Email Parents the Team Schedule for the Upcoming Week.


  • Update Statistics. If your Head Coach wishes for you (or another parent volunteer)  to compile and retain statistics, update the past weekend’s results and disseminate to the Head Coach only. It is extremely important that you keep a copy of the scoring sheet of each game in case there are issues that need to be resolved during the course of the season. 


  • Ensure Timely Submission of Official Scoring Sheets. Details related to scoring sheeting will be discussed in the section below marked “Game Day”. However, it is extremely important that the top “White” copy be given to Victor Lewton no later than noon Monday for submission to the CBHL.  Late submissions of scoring sheets incur a fine and possible forfeiture of games.  Before you give the scoring sheet to Victor, make sure that all Referees sign the scoring sheet.   You can use an app "Genius Scan" to keep a copy of the spreadsheet as the white copies are turned in to Victor on Monday and there are now no extra sheets.


  • Report Status to Skating Committee. Please keep the skating committee informed of the important team events through email. Please report any important incidents to Larry, Mimsy and Karen. Important incidents include injuries, major penalties, coaches removals, etc. Also report any game schedule changes to Victor (who is the first point of contact for ALL schedule changes).




  • Email Reminder.  Please do not assume that parents will remember the schedule.  Send out a reminder email the day before every game with the time of the game and where it is located.  This is repetitive to the email earlier in the week, but effective.  Again, provide directions to all away rinks.


  • Uniforms.  White jerseys and leggings must be worn for all HOME games. Black jerseys and leggings must be worn for all AWAY games.  Players may not mix white and black sox on game day. The league fines teams for non compliance.


  • Confirm Parent Volunteer Assignments. Once again, two adults are needed to time and score the game, respectively.  A third parent is needed to man the Chevy Chase penalty box.  For away games, one parent is needed in Chevy’s penalty box. 


  • Provide Directions. Chevy Chase had directions to most rinks on the website, but it is useful to cut and paste them and provide at a minimum an address and phone number for the rink. An estimated time from the club is also helpful.




  • Bring Equipment.  As Manager, please have the following items on hand for each game or confirm that coaches will be bringing.  Inquire with the Skate Shop to obtain what you need:


  1. First Aid Kit (1)
  2. Water Bottles (filled)
  3. Pucks (puck bag)
  4. Extra Chin Straps (2)
  5. Extra Colored Mouth Guards (2)
  6. Tool Kit (pliers and screw drivers) - optional
  7. Extra Helmet Screws (8) - optional
  8. Extra Set of Jerseys - if Victor has spares


  • Bring Additional Items


  1. Score Sheet
  2. Labels/Stickers for Score Sheet
  3. Xerox of team’s USA Hockey Roster
  4. Team Roster with Contact info
  5. CBHL League Game printout list with Dates, times and Game Numbers from CBHL Website


  • Prepare Scoring Sheet. When we host a game at the Club (or home games played at other rinks, e.g. Laurel), it is your responsibility to prepare the Scoring Sheet.  Therefore, please seek out the other team’s Manager to obtain all player information.  Scoring sheets MUST have each Coach’s USA Hockey Certification Number or CEP Number.  Victor Lewton provides labels that you can attach to the scoring sheet to minimize manual completion.  Scoring Sheets have a total of four (4) copies.  It is strongly suggested that you have one additional blank score sheet during each game in the event that there are numerous penalties.  The scoresheets now have only 3 sheets.  Stickers are to be placed on all sheets and a 4th sticker from each team placed on the back of the refs (last) scoresheet copy.  This is a new requirement for 2015-2016.  Scoresheets for the 2015-2016 season are a new format and last year's sheets are not acceptable!


  • Verify assignments are covered.


  1. Clock (Away game) - know when the ice slot ends!!!!  This is important for the third period time (see below)

There is an app available for learning the clock.  Just go to the following website:


  1. Sheet (Home)
  2. Penalty Box
  3. Statistics (if desired). Roster with numbers often useful. 


Note: Please remind parent volunteers that during CBHL/CCHL games at the club, alcohol must not be consumed while they are acting as game officials, i.e. penalty box/clock/scoresheet. 


  • Reminder for away games:  Going into the Third Period of play, if there is not enough time to play the entire period (because of a lot of penalties or injuries) the third period will be reduced to the number of minutes equal to 1/2 the remaining time in the ice slot.  A game is considered complete is two full periods are played.  Running time is NOT allowed.


            AFTER EACH GAME


  • Get the coaches to sign THEN get Referees to Sign Scoring Sheets.  Referees can refuse to sign off unless the coaches have signed. 


  • Distribute Scoring Sheets.  Before you give the scoring sheet to Victor, make sure that all Referees sign the scoring sheet.  The “Gold” copy goes to the opponent’s team manager or Head Coach.  The “pink copy” goes to you, the Manager.  The “yellow” copy goes to your CCC Head Coach.  Note: the Manager needs to obtain the “Gold” copy of the scoring sheet after each away game and retain for review by the Head Coach. Again, it is extremely important that the top “White” copy be given to Victor Lewton no later than Monday night for submission to the CBHL.  Late submissions of scoring sheets incur a fine and possible forfeiture of games. 


  • Penalties. You must pay attention to penalties. Review the score sheet after each game. If a skater has 5 or more penalties in ONE game she/he must serve a one game suspension by not dressing for the next game. If a team has had 15 or more penalties in ONE game, the HEAD COACH serves a one game suspension by not being present on the bench during the entire next game played. You will need to be very careful to make sure this is reflected on the “next game scheduled” score sheet. You will need to change the roster to reflect the changes, making an otherwise assistant coach HEAD coach for this game.


  • Report Misconduct. IMPORTANT:  If a game misconduct is given to any player during the game, please bring this infraction to the attention of Larry Stabler, our Skating Committee CBHL representative, immediately. 


  • Provide Statistics to Coach if He/She Desires.  Do not publish statistics without discussing them with the Head Coach first.


CBHL Direction for the 2015-16 CBHL scoresheet  NEW!!!!


  • Please refer to the 2015-16 CBHL scoresheet.


  • Enter Game Number as listed on CBHL web site in box provided at top of scoresheet. Enter Level in space provided (PeeWee AA, Bantam B, U12, etc.). Enter remaining game information (Location, Date, Game Time, Time on Ice, Home and Visiting teams).


  • Enter Rosters. Preprinted stickers are now required for ease of use and legibility. Include Coaches CEP numbers and Manager email address.  Put sticker on back of refs (last) scoresheet.


  • In Scoring Records enter player number, not name, under scorer/assist.


  • At completion of game total 'Shots on Goal' and 'Scoring Summary' and  enter in areas provided.


  • Complete 'Goaltending Summary'.


  • If a team calls a 'time out', enter in area provided (ie 12:35/3rd period).


  • List penalties under respective teams (Home/Away), one penalty per line. A double minor penalty (4 minutes) is two penalties, not one. Write it on two lines. The same holds true for a minor and misconduct (2 + 10)  or a major and game misconduct(5 + Game).


  • The 'Suspended Players/Coaches' area is for those suspended FOR this game, not those suspended DURING this game. Enter date the player/Coach received the Game Misconduct for which he/she is suspended. Space for signature is supplied but is NOT required.


  • At completion of game, have Scorekeeper, Referees and Coaches check scoresheet for accuracy, print names and sign.


  • If during the game a Game Misconduct penalty is given and Referee writes a description of incident on reverse side of scoresheet, write the game number on reverse side with the write-up and fax both sides together.  (Victor/club office does the faxing.)


  • Submit Scoresheet to Victor by noon on Monday.




Web site:  The CCHL web site can be found here:  http://www.pointstreak.com/players/players-leagues.html?leagueid=725  From this page you can navigate to the schedule for the league, a particular division, or a particular team. 


Scores:  VERY IMPORTANT!  Please report your CCHL scores to Victor by noon on Monday (or 48 hours of a completed game if not on a weekend). Team Managers should report the scores for ALL CCHL games, home and away, to Victor Lewton. Please reinforce to them that it's only for CCHL league games, but they should report HOME and AWAY scores.








  • The Skate Shop determines whether practice or games are to be held at Chevy due to weather.


  • Consider off ice activities when practices are cancelled due to weather (chalk talks, videos, etc.)


  • Capitals Promotions Contact:


Tim Bronaugh
Director, Amateur Hockey Sales
Monumental Sports & Entertainment
601 F St NW | Washington, DC 20004


  • Capital Promotions Events:


  • Mites on Ice
  • Ice Kids (Bantam/PeeWee)
  • Flag bearers (Squirts)
  • Play Game from at 3 before a game at Verizon


  • Important Dates to keep in Mind


  • Presidents Day
  • Playoff Dates for CBHL
  • Thanksgiving and related schedule changes
  • Christmas and related schedule changes
  • Private school testing
  • MLK
  • Super Bowl
  • Tournaments – these often bump up against Spring Break and Spring Tryouts so plan early so your team can plan accordingly.
  • Jerseys
    • New set can be purchased for from the skate shop.  Name plates are included.
    • Used set can be purchased if available. Name plates are not included.
    • Credit given for old jerseys returned.
    • Can be acquired from another member.
    • Name plates can be ironed or sewn on, but can only be reused if sewn on. Note: sewn on jerseys are much easier to take off/on when returning exchanging jerseys.


CBHL Website




Schedules and Standings


On the left menu select "Schedules and Standings".


On the Left Menu All the Age Groups are Expanded ("-" means expanded, "+" means contracted) and Division for each age group are displayed


Select your division under your age group. This will show you the standings in the division as well as ALL the games to be played in your division


Click the Square in front of your Division to expand to all the teams in your division. ("-" means expanded, "+" means contracted)


Select CHEVY CHASE. This will display just your team's league games with game numbers.


Team1 is home, Team2 is Guest regardless of where the games are played.


The GID is the Game Number that belongs at the top of the score sheet.


Please print out a list of all your league games and keep them in your manager's folder.


Also, double check the games against the game dates, times, location, opponents etc. against the CCC website and report any discrepancies to Victor.


CBHL Rules

The rulebook is on line and very useful. Discusses goalie rostering, other roster changes, etc.


CBHL Rinks

Directions to all rinks is provided here


CCC Website




Directions: Click "Rinks" on the left and then there is a status and the rink. Click the rink name and you get written out directions and the address. These are usually better than mapquest or google because they say - Turn right at Home Depot, etc. It is not a bad idea to look at mapquest (www.mapquest.com) and google for the any big differences that may jump out, but rarely are those directions sent to parents. Mapquest and Google are also useful for time estimates.


Thank you for serving as Manager!

The Skating and Hockey Committee sincerely appreciates your service.