Valley Youth Hockey is a Tier II association based at Onondaga Nation Arena and Meachem Rink in Syracuse, NY.

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Valley Youth Hockey Association


I.        Elected Positions:



  • Represent the Association to other Associations, USA Hockey and external entities, pursuant to the Valley By Laws
  • Develop yearly goals and objectives for the Association
  • Appoint Directors for board approval
  • Delegate responsibilities to board members and directors; work closely with delegates on all responsibilities and projects
  • Schedule monthly board meetings
  • Prepare monthly board meeting agenda; preside over monthly meeting.
  • Oversee all operations of Association
  • Monitor Association’s performance
  • Administer Scholarship Program
  • If required, refer individuals to the disciplinary committee; maintain association or USA Hockey policies for discipline purposes, implementing suspensions as needed.
  • Administer the Kurt Kemp Award Annually
  • Interface with the City of Syracuse and Onondaga Nation Arena Representatives
  • Ensure prompt payments to vendors and City of Syracuse
  • Work with all board members to support and facilitate the responsibilities as listed below
  • Submit USA Hockey and NYS required items (i.e. Coaches Screening, Association Info, etc.)
  • Appoint director to administer annual spring elections
  • Host annual planning meeting in April, prior to elections, for general recommendations for the next season
  • Maintain a list of next season’s age groupings for development of team structure for upcoming season


Vice President*

  • Act as President in his/her absence.
  • Attend meetings and represent the Association as required by USA Hockey (Central Section, New York District, National) and Snowbelt
  • Chair Disciplinary Committee
  • Chair committees as requested (e.g. fundraising policy)
  • Finalize the annual association goals and report on them during April Planning meeting



  • Prepare annual budget for board approval
  • Recommend registration fee amounts for board approval.
  • Forward invoices for payment as necessary.
  • Track revenues and expenses in accordance with GAAP and prepare monthly status reports to board members
  • Maintain financial records available for review by Board, parents and auditors
  • Manage Association’s funds with financial institutions
  • Prepare annual tax returns and financial statements as required, including NYS Sales Tax



  • Record all Board Meeting discussions and decisions
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of monthly board meetings in a timely fashion
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of the annual election


Director of Coaches*

  • Create coaching application form and solicit applications from travel and house coaches
  • Make recommendations to the board for approval of travel and house coaches
  • Collect screening application forms from coaches as required by USA Hockey
  • Maintain spreadsheet of certified coaches within the organization.
  • Distribute information on USA Hockey coaching clinics and encourage coaches to attend.
  • Conduct internal coaching clinics and meetings.
  • Educate coaches on Valley’s policies for scheduling referees, payment to referees, etc.
  • Maintain coaching aids owned by the Association (e.g. DVDs).
  • Coordinate try-outs and oversee team selections with coaches.
  • Attend ACE meetings as required by USA Hockey.
  • Monitor coaching performance and compliance with USA Hockey rules (e.g. helmets) during season.
  • Mentor and solicit feedback from coaches.
  • If required, refer individuals to the disciplinary committee.


Director of Referees

  • Working with Scheduler and Coaches/Managers to assign referees for games held at Meachem.
  • Advise Association of rule changes by USA Hockey
  • Attend meetings as required by USA Hockey
  • Develop a program to develop new referees within the organization.
  • Develop a program to improve refereeing within the Association.
  • If required, refer individuals to the disciplinary committee.



  • Attend required scheduling meetings at Central Section and Snowbelt.
  • Develop a practice ice schedule.
  • Develop a game ice schedule and schedule games as required by Central Section and Snowbelt.
  • Post schedules on website and distribute to coaches and Director of Referees.
  • Designate ice time for skill clinics, learn-to-skate program and tournaments into overall ice schedule.
  • On a weekly basis, post weekend schedule on board at Meachem.


At Large Board Positions (6 total, 3 elected each year)

  • Attend monthly board meeting
  • Serve as Directors as requested by President
    • Snowbelt Rep
    • Marketing Director
    • Photo Night Coordinator
    • Parents Ed Coordinator

*Positions with an asterisk are elected in odd numbered years


II.       Appointed Positions (all positions are pending Board approval):

Supervisor of Registration (Registrar)

  • Assist Treasurer with projected numbers of returning players for next season’s budget.
  • Prepare registration information and forms in accordance with USA Hockey and Valley procedures.
  • Advise board of registration procedures (e.g. mail, in-person, on-line payment, etc.).
  • Designate registration sign-up dates.
  • Register players and teams in accordance with USA Hockey requirements.
  • Track registration payments and advise President of status.
  • Register Learn-to-Skate players.
  • Manage team rosters; manage changes to team rosters
  • Ensure compliance with roster requirements; assist with the verification of birth certificates
  • Distribute stamped rosters back to teams
  • Assist team managers with the annual credentialing process for statebound tournament teams
  • Warehouse the travel team books from past season


Supervisor of Equipment

  • Inventory and monitor equipment owned by Valley.
  • Distribute and collect jerseys owned by Valley.
  • Advise board of equipment purchasing needs (e.g. pucks, nets, etc.)
  • Coordinate distribution of donated and Valley purchased equipment.
  • Manage storage of Valley owned equipment including bumper pads, nets, jerseys, etc.


Supervisor of Mite & IP equipment rental

Description being revised


Supervisor of Kitchen

  • Manage all operations of snack bar.
  • Set menu and prices, to be inclusive of 8% NYS Sales Tax
  • Work with coaches to identify a snack bar manager for each team.
  • Develop an accounting system to record revenue by game.
  • Develop a system to collect and store deposits.
  • Inform team snack bar managers of policies and requirements.
  • Purchase food and supplies; provide receipts to the Treasurer.
  • Make deposits and provide revenue records to Treasurer.
  • Monitor usage and inventory of food and supplies throughout the season.
  • Identify any capital needs of snack bar.


Supervisor of VYHA Website (Webmaster)

  • Day-to-day manager of website.
  • Assist board members, coaches, team managers in function of site.
  • Advise Board of any suggested enhancements/improvements.
  • Manage the Valley Facebook site and social media presence


Supervisor of Sponsorships

Description being revised


Supervisor of Initiation Programs

Oversee all aspects of the initiation program, including:
  • work with scheduler to ensure adequate ice time for the program
  • ensure adequate assistance on ice
  • create practice program
  • may also schedule games with other associations


Supervisor of Marketing and Merchandise

  • Work with Board to implement desired marketing efforts.
  • Manage VYHA-branded merchandise (what is offered to purchase, what vendor(s) to use, and how items can be purchased).


Supervisor of Parent Education

  • Conduct educational sessions with parents as required by USA Hockey.
  • Organize orientation programs for families.
  • Ensure Valley compliance with parent ed certification to USA Hockey/Central Section


Snowbelt Representative

  • Attend monthly Snowbelt meetings from August through March.
  • Report monthly to board regarding Snowbelt meetings/issues.
  • Advise Board of changes to Snowbelt policies.
  • Coordinate the submission of required materials (number of teams, rosters, coaches) with Registrar, Director of Coaches as required by Snowbelt.
  • Monitor the submission of game sheets by Valley house coaches.
  • Vote on Association’s behalf at Snowbelt meetings.
  • Monitor compliance with Snowbelt eligibility requirements (e.g. High School Players)
  • Sit on the disciplinary committee


Arena Manager

  • Represent Association with the City of Syracuse Parks Department regarding Meachem facility needs.
  • Coordinate needed repairs (e.g. bench doors) with City.
  • Assist equipment manager with maintenance and storage of Valley property (nets, bumper pads, etc.)
  • Advise board of long-term capital needs (e.g. boards, glass).
  • Prepare grant applications for facility needs (e.g. capital or player equipment).
  • Prepare scoreboard operation and scoresheet directions.
  • Train parents to operate the scoreboard and fill out scoresheets.


Director of Player Development

  • Develop and coordinate skill clinics to improve players at beginning of season.
  • Coordinate scope of skill clinics with Director of Coaches.
  • Coordinate timing of clinics with Scheduler.
  • In coordination with the Director of Coaches, Head Coaches and utilizing USA Hockey guidelines – create a system to track statistics on player development and chart improvement at beginning, middle and end of season as a way to demonstrate player growth.
  • In coordination with the Director of Coaches, develop a player review scorecard
    • Encourage coaches to have a mid-year review, individually with parents/players; focusing on in-season performance and areas of opportunity to improve
    • Encourage coaches to have an end of year review, individually with parents/players; focusing on total year’s performance and areas of opportunity to develop skills and improve over the summer


Mite ADM Director

Oversee all aspects of the Mite program, including:

  • work with scheduler to ensure adequate ice time for the practices/games
  • ensure adequate assistance on ice
  • work with all Mite coaches to create teams
  • work with Director of Coaches to create practice program & communicate to Mite coaches
  • work with Mite coaches to schedule games


Association Tournament Director

  • Apply to host state tournament, at board direction
  • Apply to host section tournament, at board direction
  • Apply to host Snowbelt tournament, at board direction
  • On selection of Valley to host a tournament
    • Find a tournament director from that team/age group
    • Help tournament director organize tournament
  • Troubleshoot issues that might arise that tournament director is unsure how to handle
  • Assist state tournament bound teams with credential book


First Strides Coordinator

  • Create and oversee the First Strides program.
  • Coordinate ice times with Scheduler (e.g. two six-week sessions on Saturdays 9:00 am to 10:00 am).
  • Coordinate coaching coverage so that there is adequate coverage.



Level Directors



Pee Wee



First Strides

  • Assist board with organizing, contacting and working with parents/players in each age group
  • Serve as a go-to person for parents in that age group if they cannot or do not want to approach a Board Officer.
  • Coordinate and participate in Board Meetings with team representatives/managers


Team Rep – One designated rep per team

  • Must not be a current member of the board or director
  • Must attend all Valley Board meetings
  • Be able to speak specifically about their team – highlights, issues, etc