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Lenape Valley Patriots Flag Football & Cheerleading

The Lenape Valley Patriots Football & Cheerleading Flag Program is made up of children from Byram Township, Stanhope and Netcong Borough Schools, grades Kindergarten through 2nd.


The Flag Football Teams, when feasible, will have a maximum of 8-9 players per team and there is no weight limit. The format played is 5 vs 5 but depending on the size of each team, it will be 7 vs 7. Each team will have a minimum of two practices per week throughout the month of August and a minimum of one game per week throughout the season which begins in September. All games will be played on one of our home football fields.


The Flag Cheerleading Teams will vary, base on the number of girls registered. The cheerleaders will practice approximately three times a week throughout the month of August and cheer in all flag games.


Every Flag Football Player and Cheerleader will be issued a uniform. These uniforms are handed out at the beginning of the season and must be returned at the end of the season.