Tribe Lacrosse is a recreational and club lacrosse program for boys and girls in the eastern Los Angeles, San Gabriel and San Fernando Valley. We are growing the game of lacrosse through H3 - honor hustle and humility.


Frequently Asked Questions

Spring 2015 Season begins February, 2015 

  • FEES:
    • Registration fees include coaches, league fees, and field rental,.
    • Equipment Rental $50/season with required $100 refundable deposit.
    • Boys (required)
      • Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, lacrosse stick, and mouth guard
      • Cups are highly recommended
    • Girls (required)
      • Goggles, lacrosse stick and mouth guard.
    • Cleats are highly recommended
  • AGE BASED DIVISIONS: All boys divisions are age-based (U9, U11, U13 and U15). No experience is required to play. Your player will be registered to a division based on their birthdate:

Q.   When is Lacrosse played & what is offered?
A:    Lacrosse is a Spring sport. Tribe Lacrosse offers a Spring League as well as a Summer Select Team and Fall Clinics for new and developing players of all levels.
Q:   How old does my child have to be to play?
A:    For Spring 2014, the birthdate are (US Lacrosse defined):

High School - Enrolled in 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th grade
U9:  Born on or after 9/1/2004
U11:  Born on or after 9/1/2002
U13:  Born on or after 9/1/2000
U15: Born on or after 9/1/1998

For insurance reasons we can't take any kids who aren't at least 7 by 9/1/2004

Q.   What is the cost?
A.   The cost varies on the age/level of the team.
Q.   Do I have to also become a member of US Lacrosse to play?
A.   Yes. Registration requires you provide a valid US Lacrosse member ID current through the end of the season). US Lacrosse membership costs $25 per year.

Q:   What kind of equipment do I need?
A:    Required equipment:

A lacrosse helmet 
Shoulder pads
Arm/elbow pads
Lacrosse gloves
Mouth-guard (have spares)
A “crosse” or stick with a pocket
Goalies (chest and throat-guards)
Optional but recommended
Athletic cup
Rib pads
Lacrosse Balls
Women’s Lacrosse Stick (NCAA approved),
Protective Goggles (cage style)
Goalie gear


Tribe Lacrosse offers equipment for rent each season with a cost of $50 and a $100 refundable deposit.

Q.   Where do I get the uniform?
A.   Uniforms are part of your registration fees and will be distributed.  As such please make sure you child’s size is updated in the player's registration information.
Q.   Where do I Buy equipment?
A.   Lacrosse gear is available through local sporting goods stores and online.  In addition you may purchase gear from Tribe Lacrosse.  If you link using our sponsors' tabs the league receives a percentage of the sale.
Q.   What are the team colors?
A.   The Tribe team colors are Forest Green & Vegas Gold.
Q.   Is there contact and how much?
A.   Boys Lacrosse is a contact sport, however the level of allowable contact varies by age: U9 – No contact; U11 - minimal contact; U13 level - contact allowed, but no lowering of shoulders and helmet to helmet contact.

 Girls lacrosse is not a contact sport.

Q.   How many practices and games will there be?
A.   Practice and game schedules vary by age group and Season.

Skill clinics once per week.  No games
Practices begin in February and the season ends Memorial Day weekend.
Practices: U9 once per week; U11 twice per week; U13, U15 & HS three per week.
Games: start in March; U9 Sundays, U11, U13, U15 & HS play n Saturdays and few Sundays


Q:   How do parents get involved?
A:   Tribe Lacrosse believes Parent participation is fundamental to our success.  We are an all volunteer organization from our board, coaches, and assistant coaches. There are several critical positions that need parent volunteers, i.e. team managers, field managers, team photographers, statistics keepers and clock managers.  In addition there are other required volunteer opportunities, i.e. the Fall, Jamboree, and activities and other opportunities (festivals, fund-raisers, etc.) in which you can contribute. Please get involved! The club needs your support!
Q:   What’s your refund policy?
A:   Refunds and Cancellation Policy:

Spring Season Registration Fee Refunds will be available until the second week in February, for unexpected circumstances, less a $25 non-refundable administrative fee.  If a player is injured or must withdraw after that date, refund will be 50% of the Registration Fee, minus a $25 service charge. After the first week of March, we are committed to field costs and team rosters, and will not be able to make any refunds.  If you experience extenuating circumstances, you are welcome to petition the Board. Refund requests must be submitted in writing by filling out the Refund Request Form and emailing to:

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and the number of players permitted on a team is limited.  In the event your player is not able to be placed on a team, you will be issued a full refund not later than April 1, 2014.
For any Special Events full refunds are not available, partial refunds may be considered, however after Midnight on the scheduled start day of event, no refunds will be issued. 

All equipment must be returned to Tribe Lacrosse prior to consideration of this request and that any delays in this process will affect the refund amount pursuant to the Pas Lax policy.

Please click here for the refund request form


Q:   What league is Tribe Lacrosse part of?
A:   We are part of SCLA (Southern California Lacrosse Association) with teams from Agoura, Newberry Park, Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, Santa Clarita, Westlake.
Q:   Will games be on Saturdays or Sundays?
A:   SCLA games are on Saturdays and PLL games (HS Girls and Boys) on Sundays.
Q:   Where will games be played?
A:   We strive to have a balanced schedule with games at home and away.
Q:   What do registration fees pay for?
A:   Registration fees pay for field permits, team equipment, league fees, referees, administrative costs, and non-parent coaches. All parent coaches and other volunteers are not paid anything.
Q:   Why are the registration fees different for different age groups and for girls/boys?
A:   The fees are different because the costs vary by age group.
Q:   Are Scholarships Available?
A:   Yes, Tribe Lacrosse is committed to giving every boy and girl the chance to play and learn lacrosse.  If you need a scholarship, please fill out our Financial Aid Request form
Q.   What is the best way to ask a question that is not answered by the information provided on the web site?
A.   Speak with any board member or coach, fill out a feedback form or you email your question to