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Thank you for volunteering to manage one of our SYHA teams! Whether you are a returning manager or a new one, please read the Travel Team Manager Checklist, as some things have changed! Please contact James Barrett at  to schedule a time to pick up equipment for the upcoming season!

The success of our organization lies with our volunteers.  You will find guidance regarding your duties in this section.  Hopefully, most of your questions will be answered.  However, please see your Division Director or James Barrett, Director of Team Managers if you have any questions.

Step 1:Click here to register with USA Hockey

Step 2Click here to register with Simsbury Youth Hockey as a Volunteer / Manager

Step 3: Please complete the mandatory Volunteer Screening and SafeSport Training

a) Volunteer Screening (Needs to be completed every two years)-Click here to submit your screening application.

b) Safesport Training(Needs to be completed every year)-Click here to register for Safesport Training.

Game Sheets Information from the 2022-2023 Declaration Rules:

  1. Game sheets are to be submitted by the winning team (or the home team if there is a tie) by Tuesday at midnight after the game has been completed via email to the respective CHC Division Director. Game sheets should be submitted as PDF or JPEG and must be clear and legible. 
  2. Scores are to be entered by either team by Tuesday at midnight after the game has been completed through the teams’ site.
  3. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY WARNING: scores not entered or game sheets not submitted by Tuesday at midnight will not count toward rankings or the CHC minimum 20-game requirement.

Game Sheets Labels: Please complete in alphabetical order with Last Name, First Name, Player #

COVID-19 Information

  • For Rink Protocols and other COVID Safety information, please click HERE.  
Team Manager Resources 
Please contact James Barrett, Director Team Manager, with any questions.