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Global Mites Hockey Club 2017-18 

MITE AGED PLAYERS (2009, 2010, 2011)


The Mite level is where a child’s foundations and basic skills are developed. Here at our in-house Global Hockey Club we combine the beginning fundamentals of teaching basic skills to become a well-rounded hockey player in a fun, competitive atmosphere.

Why Global Hockey?

  • There is NO TRAVEL required because all games, practices, & skills sessions are at Bavis Arena in Rockland

  • Payment plans make our program VERY affordable!

  • Coached by our paid and fully-trained coaching staff

  • A set schedule makes planning your time EASY - no early mornings or late nights!


What You Get:

  • 1 weekly Skills (Mondays at 6:00)

  • 1 weekly Practice (Thursdays at 5:20)

  • 1 Game every Sunday at either 8:40 AM or 9:50 AM.

  • All ice is at Bavis Arena in Rockland which means no traveling to other arenas at early morning hours.

  • games are half ice until mid-January 

  • Each players gets a team jersey and socks.


  • For further information please





  • Tryout Fee: $65



  • The 2017-18 tuition is $1500

  • There are two choices for paying the tuition.  

    • You may pay the entire tuition fee by April 17th and SAVE 5% for paying in full.  

    • Or, pay the $500 (due 24 hours after the coach notifies accepted players from the tryouts) and pay the remaining balance over 5 months - $200 per month).