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2015-16 MonU Refs

To assign yourself to games:
1) Sign in as an official. On the upper right hand corner of the home page, there is an area for log-in. Use the log-in information that you used to registered as a ref.

2) For the General Ability page, hit save. You do NOT need to enter your general availability as you are assigning yourself to games.

3) Click the button on the left handside for "Master Calendar"

4) On the top right under the MonU banner, there is an option to "Filter Results", click that.

5) Under Choose Facilities. Example: North Wales, PA-Spring Valley Park #1, #2, #3


6) Under Select Leagues- Scroll down until you see the grades (kindergarten through 10th-12th grade) and then select the age/gender that you'd like to referee. If you do not select the appropriate facility, you won't see the correct age group. Example: Second Grade Girls, Boys.

7) Then hit Submit.

8) Check the box that says "Show Games Only"

9) You will then be able to select games to ref. The filter will only show games by the week. If you want to look ahead, scroll to the bottom and select the week from the dropdown box.

10) Only assign yourself to referee a REC match. REC games have the coaches name as the team title.

11) To assign yourself to a game, on the right hand side you will see it say not assigned in a drop down box, select Referee from the dropdown menu instead. If it appears as a green box, you have done it correctly and can exit the screen. Note: there is no save button.

If you cannot make a match that you are scheduled for, you must send an email to the club within 24 hours of the game so that we can find a replacement. If you miss a game and do not let the club know within 24 hours, you will not be assigned to any more games this season.

If you have any questions, send us an email at  or call David Jones at 215.778.7747.


2015 Fall REC Rules.


After each game, complete the game evaluation form by the Tuesday after the game.


   Checks will be written at the beginning of October and the end of November.
2nd Grade One Referee $14
3rd/4th Grade One Referee $20
5th/6th Grade One Referee $25