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What is a scholarship from the Golden Midget Football Association?

A Golden Midget Football Association scholarship is a reduced rate for program fees for the Golden Applewood Midget Football program. A minimum fee of $50 will need to be paid to register your player. Additional program fees may be discounted, depending upon the need and available funds, as determined by the Golden Applewood Midget Football Association (GAMFA) Directors, in its sole and absolute discretion.  There are no scholarships available for football equipment although we occasionally have extra pants, pads, etc. and our current equipment supplier MAY be willing to help out with certain equipment needs if a scholarship for Golden Football is granted. Ask the league Scholarship Manger for details at scholarship@golden-football.org

LINK to GAMFA Scholarship Application

How does a person apply for a scholarship from the Golden Applewood Midget Football Association?

The parent or guardian of a current player or a prospective team player must do the following on or before August 1st of the current football season:

  1.  Complete the Scholarship Application.

  2.  Complete all registration materials for the current football season. 

  3.  Provide necessary documentation for your scholarship need. (see application)

Any and all financial information provided will remain confidential.  Other players will not be informed of a player’s scholarship status.

  1.  Mail or hand – deliver all of the above information to a Board member on or before August 1 of the current football season.  The mailing address is:  GAMFA  P. O. Box 707, Golden CO  80402

  2. Or email to scholarship@golden-football.org

Scholarship applicants will be notified by the first practice of the current football season of approval.  If an application for a reduced program fee is approved by the Board of Directors, any remaining fee must be paid in full in order for the player to participate further in any practices, activities or games.  The registration for the current season will not be considered complete until after the scholarship is approved and the balance is paid in full.

Who is eligible to receive a scholarship from the Golden Applewood Midget Football Association? 

All players who are eligible to participate in the Golden Midget Football league are eligible to apply for a scholarship, but families providing the required documentation listed above are taken into consideration before all others. Eligibility for a discount in program fees will be determined by the GAMFA Board of directors, in its sole and absolute discretion.

GAMFA is an all-volunteer organization; as such we are regularly in need of help at GAMFA events and games. As a scholarship family, it is our expectation that you would fulfill a MINIMUM of two (2) volunteer jobs per scholarship awarded. Listed below are just some of the duties. A full description will be provided as necessary, and GAMFA will provide plenty of notice prior to your scheduled day/job.

  • GAMFA Weigh-In

  • Field Marshall (On home fields, not to interfere with your players game) this will be a paid duty and will be opened up to scholarship parents first.

  • Picture Day (working with vendor to ensure smooth day)

  • Field Setup & Teardown

  • Please note: The following are NOT considered “scholarship duties”

    • Chain crew for your players game

    • Play counter or time keeper for your players game

    • Team mom or Team Manager

If you cannot fulfill the tasks assigned on the days assigned, we will make every effort to accommodate.  Please keep in mind, not fulfilling your volunteer agreement may affect your ability to receive a scholarship for future seasons and may result in a possible game(s) suspension for your player.

Thank you and welcome to Golden Football.