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Volunteer Background Checks

Updated: September 13, 2019


If you wish to help your team in the field or in the dugout, at games or practices, you must have a valid background check on file and be approved as a volunteer by the LGSA.

Background checks cost $15, and are valide through the end of the calendar year.  

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Follow the process below to submit your background check!


1.  Submit your Volunteer Application
Click here https://forms.gle/yBBDEzAEs6BaGV6A7 and complete the form to register as a volunteer.  Upon successful submission of your volunteer registration you will be presented with a confirmation message that contains a link, you MUST click that link to be taken to our portal on the Verified Volunteers website where you need to complete the second part of the process.


2.  Sign Up or Login to Verified Volunteers
Once at the Verified Volunteers website, register by selecting a username, providing your email, and specifying a password (or login if you already have an account).


3.  Provide the Requested Information
Once logged in, click the "Get Verified" button and complete the background check process by providing the necessary information (Social Security Number is not needed) and clicking "Continue" on each screen.  Please note, on the third screen you must acknowledge all four (4) items by checking the boxes before you can continue.


4. Pay for your Background Check
Follow the instructions on
screen to pay for your background check.  You will have the option of purchasing a "Fast-Pass" for $3.99 which allows your background check to be shared with other organizations who also use Verified Volunteers.  This is not required for LGSA and is completely your option.


6. Receive "Reviewed" Email Notification
Once complete, Verified Volunteers will notify the league of your background check status.  We will review it and you will receive an email from Verified Volunteers with the subject "Livermore Girls Softball Association has reviewed your background check ".  This indicates your approval as a volunteer and is the ONLY notification you will receive.

Your manager will then be given a badge and neck lanyard for you to wear (badges typically take 1 week from the time of league approval).




Q:  What's the status of my background check and badge?
A:  If you've received an email from Verified Volunteers with the subject "Livermore Girls Softball Association has reviewed your background check" you are approved as a volunteer and your badge will be given to your coach shortly.


Q:  I was a volunteer and had a background check in Fall 2018, do I need to do it again?
A:  Yes, your background check was only good until December 31, 2018, and you must follow the process above.


Q:  What is the cost of the background check?
A:  $15 per person per 
calendar year.


Q:  I received an email stating that I passed my background check, do I need to notify anyone.
A:  No, the league will also receive notice and will approve your volunteer status and provide your manager with a badge for you.


Q:  What if my background check is returned with issues?
A:  Verified Volunteers will provide you with all the information you need to research any issues and your LGSA volunteer application status will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Q:  Do I need to pay for a "Fast-Pass"?
A:  It is not required for LGSA.  Please see the Verified Volunteers website for more information.


Q:  Do I need to provide my Social Security Number?
A:  No, it is not necessary, but doing so will speed up the process.  If you do, it is only used to process your background check and is not provided to the league.


Q:  How long does the background check process take?
A:  Anywhere from an hour to a few days.  It will then take an additional 1-2 days for the league to review the results of your background check and approve your volunteer application.


Q: I received notice that my Background check was processed successfully, am I cleared to help my daughter's team?
A: No, the league must review and approve your application.  Once approved by the league you will receive a separate email stating you are an approved volunteer.   Only after that email is received may you help the team (on the field or in the dugout).


\Q: Can I help before I receive my badge?
A: Yes, as long as you have received the email stating your league has approved you as a volunteer, you may help.  Please print a copy of that email as a temporary badge, your actual volunteer badge should be given to your coach within a week of you receiving the approval email.