Player's parents who sign up for a minimum of 10 volunteer credits will have their volunteer deposit returned at the end of the season. 
Points Associated with Volunteer Opportunities
• UT Clean Up Volunteer - 5 credits earned to one player's family for a team of 4 people, 3 credits for a team of 2 people

• Concessions at Gupton & VR Stadium - 2 credits per shift, per person (parent and player volunteer for a shift together, they earn 4 credits)

• Covering Concessions at Home Lacrosse Games - 1 credit (super easy and you can still watch the game)

• Gift Wrapping Station at Lakeline Mall - 2 credits per shift, per person (must be
able to wrap packages neatly and actually help to wrap packages to count towards credit)

• Field Duties:
Set Up 2 credits
Take Down/Clean Field   2 credits
Score Keeping 2 credits
Ball Shagging 1 credit
Time Keeper 1 credit
Penalty Keeper 1 credit
Photographer 2 credits
Videographer 2 credits

• End of Season Banquet:
Helping during banquet   2 credits
Set up 2 credits
Clean up 2 credits

• Shoot-A-Thon
Set up 2 credits
Check in table   2 credits
Cleanup 2 credits
Scorer 2 credits

• Other opportunities that come up will be communicated as available.