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              SBLA Code of Conduct Spring 2015

• Rules: We don't bend the rules to win.

• Opponents:A worthy opponent is a gift that forces us to play to our highest potential.

• Officials: We treat officials with respect even when we disagree.

• Teammates: We never do anything that would embarrass our team on or off the field. 

• Self: We'll live up to our own standards regardless of what others do.

SBLA Boy’s and Girl’s Lacrosse Team Rules: 

1. No Profanity: Profanity is not permitted in school; therefore, we will not tolerate it at practice, 
or on the game field. 

2. Fighting Policy: SBLA holds a no tolerance policy for fighting. If you are guilty of 
fighting at anytime, after review by the coaches and directors you will face possible suspension 
from both the league and from the team until the end of the current season, and/or as long as 
coaches and directors deem necessary regarding the situation that the fight was conducted in. 
Under these circumstances, your parents will forfeit any League fees. 

3. Game Misconduct: Game misconduct penalties are for actions toward the referees, other teams, 
fans, or on-field actions that are inappropriate and unsportsmanlike in nature. Any player 
receiving game misconduct penalties will be disciplined in the following manner: 
One game misconduct = suspension for 1 game 
Second misconduct = review and possible expulsion from the team 
Third misconduct = removal from the team (includes forfeiture of League fees) 

4. Upon review with the SB Lacrosse directors, the head coach reserves the right to 
suspend or dismiss any player for conduct not in the best interest of the team and the team 

5. Attendance: Playing time will be determined by practice attendance, i.e. players who make 
practice will be given more playing time than those who don’t. Please contact your coaches via 
email, phone, or in person if you will not make practice or need to notify in case of an 

5. Sickness: If you are sick and cannot attend school, please contact your coaches and inform 
them of your condition. If you leave school early due to sickness you will not be permitted to 
practice that day or play in any game. 

7. Be on time: Missed time will result in make up time for that player in the form of conditioning. 

8. Equipment: All equipment that is property of the SBLA must be returned at the times 
necessary. You are responsible for any equipment issued to you, and you are responsible for 
the team equipment as a member of the team. Any violation of this policy will result in the 
player having to pay for the missing equipment. Any missing team equipment will have to be 
enforced and replaced, placing financial burden on the team, players, and parents. 

9. If you are hurt, it is your duty to report the injury to the coaches. If you are 
injured and cannot play/practice, you must be at practice helping the team and learning your 
position and role. Rehab and training time will be allowed during practice as needed. In order to 
resume your active role with your team, you must provide a written “okay”, from your doctor to 
play Lacrosse. 
My son/daughter and I have read the above rules together and we agree to support the coach’s 
decisions if any of the rules are violated. We understand the rules are in the best interest of all the 
team members and that our coaches will be fair and consistent in their decisions. 
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