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1.  When is registration open?

Registration opens: June 8

 Because formal practices do not begin until the first week of August, we opening registration to a wait list to observe interest and arrange coaches.  As you can imagine there is a substantial amount of planning that goes into a season.With that said we are opening registration beginning Tueday, June 8 th however we will not accept any form of payment until we have final confirmation on our 2021 Cheer Season.   Your registration is very important and will help us effectively plan teams, anticipate any additional coaching needs, address equipment and practice field needs.  Because of system constraints, your preliminary registration will show you as wait-listed, but that is not in fact the case.  Once we have confirmation of a season, you will receive an email requesting payment. 


2.  How much is the cheerleading season?

Registration is $200 per cheerleader. Any girl registered and/or paid after July 6th will pay a $25 late fee. Once we have confirmation of the 2021 Cheer Season, you will receive an e-mail to log in and submit payment.

 Uniform costs at this time  are TBD. Uniforms will be new. The manufacturer no longer makes the uniforms we have had the previous 5 years.

3.  When does the season start?

The season starts the beginning of August and will conclude after the Super Bowl early November.

4.  How many practices a week will there be?

There may be 1- 2 practices a week (weather permitting).  Practices are at the coaches discretion. Parents cannot request day/time or location of practice.

5.  How long are practices?

Most practices will be 1.5 - 2 hours. Coaches will relay practice information to you at the start of the season.

6.  When & where will practice be?

Practice location to be determined and will be communicated by your coach.  Night of the week will be determined by field availability and age of cheerleader and will be set prior to the season starting.  Field permits are requested in May for the fall season. All practices will be held in Parker.

7.  Are Parker Hawks Cheerleaders participating in competitions this season?

No competitions will be done. (only side line cheer)

8.  What are the age ranges for cheerleading?

Cheerleading will be open to ages 5-14. (15 year olds are allowed in 8th grade)




9.  Can I request a coach or squad?

Yes. We will try to honor as many requests as we can, however, please remember not all requests can be honored.


10.  Who will be my daughter's coach?

           We rely on parent volunteers. We understand this is a large committment, however, it is a rewarding one that you                  will treasure for a lifetime


11.  Does my child need previous cheer experience?

           No, we will teach the necessary skills during the season 


12.  How many football games will there be?


Games will start late August and there will be one game a week typically on Saturdays.  Depending on the game schedules there may be a "bye" week. Games will run until early November. Sideline cheer will be finished prior to Thanksgiving.


13.  How do Uniform Fittings Work?

There will be uniform fittings for all girls. This will be determined when we have uniform information.  Uniforms will be purchased at Locker Room Sports in Parker


14. Why is my daughter on a wait list?

All registrants are placed on a wait list and NO PAYMENT IS DUE until we have confirmation that we have enough girls and coaches to have a cheer season.


If you are interested in coaching, please contact: cheerleading@parkerhawks.org