Falls Church Kiwanis Little League, Falls Church, VA

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Skills Assessments

As per Little League's rules, FCKLL conducts skills assessments (aka "try-outs") to determine the skill level of players and ensure that players are drafted at the most appropriate level and that teams are competitively balanced.

At the skills assessment, the managers and coaches rate each player’s ability to hit, throw, run, field fly balls, and field ground balls. The skills assessment is approximately 30 minutes in length. Only players, coaches and League officials are allowed in the gym. A player’s score is kept confidential. 

Who Should Attend?
Children who are league ages 8 - 12, and who did not play on a Majors team the previous spring, must participate in the skills assessment to participate on a Majors, AAA, or AA team, or for placement on a Single A team. Any league 7-year olds who would like to be considered for the AA draft also must participate in a skills assessment. If you would like your 7-year old to have a skills assessment, please to discuss.

What to Bring
Each player must bring three documents proving residency (i.e., property tax bill, rental agreement, utility bill, driver's license, etc.) and one document proving age (birth certificate or passport). 

Players should come equipped to play ball and should wear gym shoes (no cleats) and comfortable clothing, as they will be running indoors. Each player should bring his/her glove.

Bats and helmets are provided.

When to Show Up
Each player will be assigned a specific time for his or her assessment. This helps ensure that players are assesed with those of similar ages and experience levels. The FCKLL Player agent assigns these time slots and notifies parents. If you do not receve a time slot, contact the

Please plan to arrive 20 minutes before your time slot to register and move to your first station. 

How Long the Assessment Lasts
Plan on the Assessment lasting about 30 mintues. 

Draft Eligibility
When the skills assessments are over and the scores are compiled, the player agent creates a list of players eligible for draft selection at each level by tabulating the scores each child receives for hitting, fielding, running and throwing.

Finally, and most importantly, please encourage your child to relax and enjoy the assessments. We promise to make it a fun experience!