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On the "Register Online" Page you'll go to the bottom and click on a program.  Choose the appropriate program and then we'll get started.  Opening two instances of the website will help you follow along here and to also register at the same time. 

Click here to open the registration page in another window.

1)  For most programs, the first screen you'll get is a program restriction page, verify that you are within the age or grade limits and hit "Continue".  The next screen you'll get is one to enter your email address and password.  If you are a new member you won't have a password in the system.  So enter your email address only and a password will be sent to you.  Check your email and get that password and enter it now.  You should see a screen just like this one.  If you are an existing member and don't remember your password then enter your email address only and a password will be sent to you.  Check your email and get that password and enter it now.

2)  Now you'll come to a screen to start entering some information.  You are entering YOUR information and NOT your players'.  Enter all the fields.  Please note that NONE of your information is available to the public at large.  This information is available only to your team and LAHA administrators.  You should see a screen like this one.  Towards the bottom you'll see a box labled "ID" please leave that blank - we don't use it.  Hit Submit to continue.

3)  Add your spouse or other guardian.  For some families this may be tricky.  Some of our players have split families and it is very important that each extended family gets hockey information.  In that case, please enter information from the other family so that they get the information, shedule changes and hockey news as well. 

4) Fill in the Adult information form like before and hit Submit. 

5) Now we're ready to enter player information.  Click on "Add a Child".

6)  Enter all the required information and hit Submit to continue.  If you have more than one child playing hockey, please enter their information now as well by clicking on "Add a Child" as needed.  On this screen you'll be asked for the player's USA Hockey Confirmation Number.  You'll have this in an email from Step 1.  It is a required field to register.

Go to Step 3 to actually register them in a program.