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Step 1 is to register with USA Hockey. 

On the registration page, you'll see a logo in the middle of the page.  Click on that USA Hockey Logo and you'll be taken to USA Hockey Registration. 

When you get to that page you'll click on the link that reads

Ice Players & Coaches 
(or just click on the link above and you'll be taken to the same page)


1 ) On that page you'll be checking a box indicating that you are at least 18 years of age.  Hit Continue.

2) Select the Season you are registering for (currently only one option) - just click it to continue.

3) Select who you are registering and Hit Continue.

4)  Fill In the Blanks.  If you are registering another person then Hit "Register Someone Else".  If you are done registering people then Hit "Continue to Checkout"

5) Submit your payment information and Hit Continue.  You'll need a credit card to register at USA Hockey.

6) Print the Confirmation Page.  A copy of that page will also be emailed to you.

7) You'll need the Confirmation/Registration Number for Step 2 - Registering with LAHA

Go to Step 2 which is to register with LAHA.