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Farm League Baseball Rules

(League Age 6)


  1. All Managers, Coaches and Players Must Have Fun!!!
  2. Please, be ready to start at your designated starting time.
  3. All 5-year-old managers are responsible for getting their own bags of equipment out of the shed.
  4. All 6 year old managers are responsible for first, checking their bag for all returned equipment and second to return bag back to the shed .


NOTE: All bags should have 4 helmets,1 tee, 4 bases 1 bat, 10 or more balls and 1 First Aid Kit.



  1. All batters and baserunners must wear helmets.
  2. A special soft Baseball will be used for all practices and games
  3. Canton LL will supply the only bat needed. Players should not bring their own bat to the game.
  4. No on-deck batters
  5. Bench area needs to be at least halfway down base path and back from playing field. 

PRACTICE GUIDELINES----All practices should be 45 minutes at the beginning of each session. Here are some helpful ideas.


  1. Begin with some type of warm-up. Stretching, jumping jacks, Running the bases etc.
  2. Divide the team into small groups. Have 1 group work on the correct way to throw and hold a baseball. Have 1 group work on the "alligator" fielding of ground balls. Have 1 group work on hitting example- bat grip, hand eye coordination, "squish the bug" etc.
  3. Have 1 group work on catching a ball.


NOTE: Rookie League Players have short attention spans, rotate groups accordingly.


GAME GUIDELINES- All games should last 45 minutes.


  1. 5 year olds MUST use the batting tee.
  2. 6 year olds will have the coach’s pitch and use tee when needed.
  3. Please encourage a team atmosphere.
  4. 5 year olds don't worry about outs in a game. Let the player run the bases and have some fun.

5.    Every player will bat through the lineup.

6.    Players should rotate evenly so all have a chance to make plays.

7.    Runners advance one base at a time.

<span style="color: black; font-family:;" times="" new="" roman";="" ar-sa;"="" en-us;="" "times="" 18.0pt;="" 12pt;="">6 year olds should start learning about outs in a game, use your own judgment.