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Our Program

KickStart fitness is not your average workout.  There are no machines, no boring routines, and best of all, there’s something for everyone.  Our training methods have been proven at the highest levels of competitive sport to improve your physical performance and energize your personal fitness goals and self-confidence.  KickStart fitness is changing the face of Sport Performance Training in Richmond.  If you’re ready to make breakthroughs you never thought possible, KickStart is for you.
What exactly is KickStart Fitness?

  • KickStart fitness focuses on functional fitness that incorporates everyday movements with different load capacities and time requirements. 
  • KickStart stimulates the body’s metabolic and cardiovascular system to increase heart and overall health. 
  • KickStart is the ideal program for those that want to experience a fast paced, whole body, sport geared workout designed around functional movements that strengthens and enhances your body. 
  • You will see incredible results in a motivational group training environment that boosts individual effort and encourages commitment and success. 
  • KickStart fitness is designed for everyone regardless of the current fitness level.  Whether you’re an advanced athlete who’s hit a plateau or a beginner who needs a little motivating, this 60 minute routine 2-3 days per week will help you to achieve your goals.

What do you do in a KickStart class?
A typical KickStart training session will incorporate a dynamic warm-up, a period of interval training with movements that will have you squat, lunge, push, pull, brace and rotate.  These workouts are designed to maintain an elevated heart rate to extend the benefits of strength training and endurance building.

We focus on proper movement and technique to ensure maximum benefit.  Instead of relying on a series of machines to get you through a workout, you learn to rely on your own body and your own strength to propel you towards breakthroughs you never thought possible.  Every day is different.  There are always new challenges to take on and new goals to strive for.
It’s time to stop making excuses and take a step toward being in the best shape of your life.