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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions have been posted below.

Please review these answers to questions such as: 

  • How do I register for LXTC Lacrosse programs?
  • When will registration for DU Summer Camps open?  What are the summer camp dates?
  • Do you provide specific training programs for lacrosse goalies?
  • Do you provide dining options for players with food allergies or issues at your summer camps?
  • How do you handle players with medical issues at your summer camps?
  • How are roommates assigned at summer camps?
  • How are players supervised at summer camps?
  • What is the typical summer camp schedule?
  • Do you provide transportation between the airport and your summer camps or other programs?
  • How do I transport a long-pole to summer camp?
  • What is the Denver Elite club team weather policy?

If you still have a question after reviewing these FAQs, you may email with your inquiry.

Registering for LXTC Lacrosse box & field programs

You can find complete info about currently open registrations here: LXTC Lacrosse Program Registration

Register today as these programs often sell out quickly. 

You can find more information about our LXTC Lacrosse box and field programs at www.lxtclacrosse.com. You may email  if you have a specific question about our box programs.    

Thank you for your support of DU Pioneers and LXTC Lacrosse programs!

DU Pioneers Summer Camp Dates and Registration

2019 DU Pioneers Lacrosse Summer Camp Dates at the University of Denver:

  • Camp 1: June 18- 21
  • Camp 2: June 24- 27
  • Camp 3: July 22- 25

Registration for DU Pioneers Lacrosse Summer Camps will open on January 17th, 2019 at this link:  DU Summer Camp Registration

If registration is not open yet, be sure to sign up for our email list to receive notification when summer camp registration opens: Join Email List 

Goalie camps and position-specific training

LXTC Lacrosse receives many inquiries about goalie-specific camps and training.  In 2016, Trevor Tierney and Ryan LaPlante created the Goalie Evolution Academy to provide high-end training for aspiring goalies. The Goalie Evolution Academy is held quarterly and spans 10 sessions in each program. 

The Goalie Evolution Academy sells out quickly because available spaces are limited to 20 goalies.  Cost is $1495 per program.  Click here to see if the next <span style="background-image: url(" https:="" leagueathletics.com="" ckeditor="" plugins="" icons.png?t="E8PB&quot;);" background-size:="" auto;="" display:="" inline="" !important;"="">Goalie Evolution Academy has registration availability:  LXTC Goalie Evolution Academy Registration

If you do not see the Goalie Evolution Academy listed there, then registration is not available at this time. 

We also encourage players looking for specific training at goalie or any other position (attack, midfield, defense) to register for one of our DU Lacrosse summer camps. 

Registration and info can be found here: DU Summer Camps

Our summer camps will include position-specific training during the morning sessions each day.  LXTC Lacrosse Director Trevor Tierney often works closely with goalies at these camps, who will also be coached by former and current DU Lacrosse goalies.  Trevor is considered one of the greatest goalies in lacrosse history, and training goalies is his passion.  Players looking for goalie-specific training will benefit greatly from the instruction at our summer camps.

Summer Camp Dining & Food Allergy Info

The dining halls for our summer camps at the University of Denver and the University of Colorado provide a wide variety of food options for campers.  Both dining halls are well-versed in dealing with food allergy issues.

DU Dining Hall info: https://dudining.sodexomyway.com/my-meal-plan/allergies

CU Dining Hall info: https://living.colorado.edu/dining/menus   Click on Center for Community (C4C) for the appropriate menu.  

CU was named one of the "Top 10 Gluten-Free Accommodating Colleges of 2014": https://dining.uga.edu/node/356

DU Summer Camp Medical Questions

Our DU Summer Camps have a certified medical trainer on hand at all times. 

Our trainers are well-equipped to provide for players with medical issues, including supervision of medications.  We can store medications for you as well.  

Parents will have the opportunity to speak with a trainer at the time of camp check-in to discuss any medical concerns involving a camper.

How many roommates per room at summer camp?

This is the aspect of camp that causes everyone the most stress on the first day. What everyone needs to understand is that we do our best to accommodate your requests, but the process is not perfect because some kids request roommates who request to be with someone else.

We need everyone to stay relaxed about this during check-in and everything will work out great!

We will assign 2 roommates per room at summer camp.   We will not assign 3 roommates per room, as dorm rooms are not designed to accommodate that situation.  Players will have plenty of opportunities to spend time with friends even if they are not assigned to room together.

How are players supervised at our summer camps?

During our summer camps, players are closely supervised at every moment of the day, which is itself tightly scheduled.   They are never permitted free reign to "run around campus."

We have a high coach to player ratio, and multiple coaches are stationed on each floor of the dorms where overnight players reside.  Players are grouped on floors by approximate age.  We do not group significantly older players with younger players. 

With 3 sessions of lacrosse per day, most campers are frankly too tired to cause any trouble.  We have been running these camps for many years and maintain a high level of discipline among campers. 

Please note that current 4th graders are not permitted to register as overnight campers, they may be registered only as day campers.  Parents should use their best judgment when registering 5th graders to determine whether those players are better suited as day or overnight campers. 

With our years of experience running these camps, we will insure that campers are safe, secure, and have a great time playing lacrosse with us!

After you register and pay for summer camp, you will receive a confirmation email.  Read that email carefully, as it contains the link to request a roommate online.  We do not take emailed roommate requests, you must complete the online roommate request link included in your confirmation email.

What is the typical summer camp schedule?

Following is a typical DU Summer Camp schedule.  Please note that specific schedules will vary from camp to camp depending upon field availability and total enrollment numbers.


1000AM to 100PM: Check-in at dormitory.  Day campers check-in at 1230 pm.

100PM: Camp meeting 

130PM: Roll call on fields

145PM to 345PM: Lacrosse Session 1: Individual Position Training

415PM to 545PM: Dinner

545PM: Roll call on fields

600PM to 800PM: Lacrosse Session 2: Team Concepts

815PM Day campers picked up

830PM to 10PM: Movie



700AM to 800AM: Breakfast

800AM: Day campers arrive.  All campers report to courtyard for 815AM roll call.

830AM to 1045AM: Lacrosse Session 1: Individual Position Training

1100AM to 1200PM: Lunch

130PM: Roll call on fields.

145PM to 345PM: Lacrosse Session 2: Team Concepts

415PM to 545PM: Dinner

630PM to 830PM: Lacrosse Session 3: Scrimmages

830PM Day campers picked up

930PM to 1030PM: Movie



700AM to 800AM: Breakfast

800AM: Day campers arrive. All campers report to courtyard for 815AM roll call

830AM to 1045AM: Scrimmages

1100AM to 12PM: Day campers depart & overnight campers check out from dormitory

Is transportation available from the airport to camp ?

LXTC Lacrosse does not provide transportation between the airport and any given camp at DU or CU.   

Parents are responsible for securing transportation to and from camp on a door-to-door basis at the DU or CU residence halls where check-in and check-out occurs.

SuperShuttle and Denver Platinum Limo are two options commonly used by parents to secure transportation from DIA to DU or CU.

How do I transport a longpole to camp ?

Commonly, players have used a ski bag to transport longpoles for air travel. 

You can also take the head off the pole, pack that in your luggage or carry it on, and then use a cardboard or plastic tube of your own making to transport the shaft. 

This can be a good idea in the event that the airline misplaces the shaft, at least the player will still have his familiar head and then we can figure out a replacement shaft for him when he arrives at camp.

Denver Elite Club Team Weather Policy

Lacrosse is a cold weather sport, commonly played in difficult conditions.  In general, we would not cancel practices unless there is snow, lightning, unplayable fields, or an extreme weather situation.  

If we do cancel a Denver Elite practice, we will notify you by email at least 2 hours before the practice was scheduled to start.  Therefore we strongly recommend that you add   and LXTC Lacrosse to your email program as Safe Senders, to insure that our emails are not diverted to spam folders.   

Parents should insure that your son is adequately dressed when there's inclement weather, in sweatpants, long-sleeve compression-type shirt under his pads, and perhaps a sweatshirt.  A warm player is a more effective player.