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Quick Guide - How to Display Web Page Images

When posting an image for web page news, bulletins, or email blasts, the image is best displayed when it is centered in the message: 


1. In the format menu bar (image below), select center icon

NOTE: hover pointer over icon to view text description of icon.

2. Click on image icon to open image upload forms:

  • In Image Properties form click on Browse Server to open File Storage form 
  • Click Choose File to find the image folder in your computer.
  • Once selected, click on Upload
  • After uploading, Image Properties form will now display Width, Height and Preview.
  • If the Width is substantially larger than 1000 (pixels) the image file is too large. These large files eat up our alloted file storage and will cause everyone visiting the page to have their browsers to load slowly. Click here to learn how to reduce image file size before loading on the web page.
  • Adjust the Width to no larger than 750 pixels. Click on lock icon to keep height in proper proportion. 
  • Hit OK when adjustments are made. The image properties can be edited again to change image size.

To Reduce Image size: click for Improve Image Files guide