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 (Always check the weather first! NOAA and Weather)

The following general list should be modified for the particular outing.


   Rolling clothes works better than folding.

  ZIP LOCK BAGS work great to a) compress b) keep moisture out c) segregate outfits,  or dirty from clean!

  Class-B uniforms (T-shirts with BSA or Pack insignia or words) are perfect for extra clothes.

  No matter how hot--- always have a pair of long sturdy pants!




Camping Equipment

o          Tent or tarp, poles & stakes

o          Waterproof ground cloth (tarp) or plastic sheet

o          Sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress or pad

o          Flashlight or Lantern (non-gas)

o          Sunscreen

o          Insect (tick) repellent


Cloth Bag

o          Class A uniform

o          Poncho or raincoat

o          Warm jacket or coat

o          Pajamas or sweatshirt, sweatpants

o          Underwear

o          Durable shoes, shoe laces (not tennis shoes!)

o          Hat or cap

o          Gloves

o          Extra socks (“cotton is rotten!”  wool is best), shoes, or other clothing


Toilet Kit:

o          Toothpaste, toothbrush (mouth wash is great...)

o          Washcloth, towel

o          Soap in container, deodorant

o          Extra plastic bag or container


Option Items depending on Program:

o          Swimsuit & towel

o          fishing gear

o          work gloves.



o         Camera, Binoculars, Sunglasses,

o          notebook and pencil

o          Cub/Webelo Handbook

o          Roasting Stick




o          First Aide Kit (At Spencers)


Pack Equipment:

o          Propane Lanterns (2)

o          Propane Tank & Tree

o          Cooking Equipment (2)

o          Grilling utensils & hot pad

o          Fire grate/grill

o          Cook stoves (2)

o          Dining Fly (large tarp)

o          Rope for Dining Fly

o          5-gallon water cooler

o          X-Large white cooler

o          Bow Saw

o          Mallet (Tent pegs)

o          Fire Water bucket

o          Shovel / Rake (Leave No Trace)

o          Hot pad gloves



o Hand sanitizer

o Paper Towels

o Toilet Paper

o Disinfectant Wipes

o Paper/plastic plates, cups, utensils

o Plastic Trash Bags

o Table Covering


Pack Meeting Equipment

o Bull horn

o Flags & stands/ropes (American, Pack)


Special Notes on Camp Hoyt

o Electrical Generator (borrowed)

o Sound System (Coley too)

o Jolly Roger Flag



Frequently Borrowed fr Members:

Dutch Oven (Phillips)

Electric Coffee Urns (Spencer/Zych)

X-Lg White Coolers (Klein/Phillips/Spencer)

5-gallon coolers (Klein/Spencer)

Cutting Boards (Spencer for Hoyt)

Serrated Knives (Spencer for Hoyt)