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Weston Cub Scout Pack 75’s


I will have my parents’ permission to use my marshmallow roaster.
I will soak my wooden marshmallow roaster in water before I use it.
I will carry it by the wooden handle with the tip pointed down to the ground.
I will not run with my marshmallow roaster.
I will not use it for anything other than roasting marshmellows.
I will not use it as a light saber, a sword, or a knife or speer.
I will not use it as a pointer, a back scratcher, or a fly swatter.
I will not use it as a magic wand.
I will never wave my marshmallow roaster around in the air.
I will never use it to hit, stab, poke or TOUCH any other person!
I will try my hardest not to catch my marshmallow on fire.
I understand that I may lose my marshmallow roaster if I break this Roaster’s Oath.
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Also available in Documents section of Home page:  Pack 75's Roaster's Oath.