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BSA References, Resources & Forms for Outdoor Programming
BSA Guide to Safe Scouting

BSA Age Guide to Activities
 Rules for all Scouting Events & Activities:
   I. Youth Protection & Adult Leaders
  II. Acquatic Safety (Safe Swim Defense & Safety Afloat
 III. Camping
 IV. Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Use and Abuse
  V. Energy Preparedness
 VI. First Aide
 VII. Fuels & Fire Protection
VIII. Guns & Fire Arms
  IX. Sports & Activities
   X. Inspections
  XI. Medical Information
 XII. Transportation
XIII. Winter Activiites
BSA Local Tour Permit Required for all Den or Pack outings/events not conducted by Council/District, or 15 miles from the school meeting place in order for BSA Insurance to apply.   Also required when participating in high-risk activity that requires special certification to conduct such as swimming, boating, climbing, rappelling, flying or shooting sports.  Should be to Council 2 weeks prior to event.  ( .  May fax (203-876-6884) or scan and email to )   Both listed leaders must have current Youth Protection Training (YPT) and at least ne leader must have completed "Weather Hazards."    All campouts require a BALOO  (Vehicle information is obtained during Pack registration.)    (Local Tour permits also require Pack Officer signature.)
Permission Form (Pack or Den)  Required for any Den Event or Trip where the Adult or Guardian is not present.  This was modified 11/3/08 to incorprate BSA's "Hold Harmless Agreement" per their official BSA Activity Consent Form.  May have families complete one in a blanket form to cover basic den meetings at the school over the year.   Content of this report may be copied to EMAILs, allowing parents to copy, respond, and then reply to the Den Leader with all of the necessary information.
Safe Swim Defense Applies to any Den or Pack activity in the water (swimming pool, ocean, pond or lake.)    Leaders can check out leader training records to see who is certified.  Training course for certification is also available online.
Safety Afloat Applies to any Den or Pack activity in a water craft (canoe, row boat, kayak, motor boat etc.)     Leaders can check out leader training records to see who is certified.  Training course for certification is also available online.
Leave No Trace Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics - Cub Scout Edition.  Six Front Country Guidelines (Pow Wow 11/1/08)
 BALOO Handouts from Basic Outdoor Leader Orientataion Course (11/1/08).  BALOO training is for any adult (leader or other) who will leading a campout.  At least one BALOO is required for any campout.  This packet includes information on : 
Leadership Requirements
Outdoor Flag Ceremony
Campout Planning & Checklsts
Campground Site Considerations
Campground Site Approval
Sample Camping Agenda

Sample "Scout's Own" service
The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety
First Aide Kits
  Sleeping Bags, Tents & Shelters
  Individual Cub packing list
  Pack Camping Gear list
Hike Themes
Group Games
  Campfire Programs
  Story telling
  Foil Cooking & Recipes
  Open Fire vs. Cooking Stoves
  BSA Policy on use of Chemical Fuel
 Knife Safety  Knife Safety Rules & Guidelines (11/01/08 Pow Wow)
US Flag Code The official US Flag Code explaining when, where, and how to display the US Flag.
First Aide & CPR First Aide for Wounds and CPR (11/1/08 Pow Wow)   Source:  pages 30-31; American Red Cross First Aid-- Responding to Emergencies Participant's Manual (revised edition 2006.
First Aide Instructions First Aide Instructions used at BSA Day Camp Summer2008 (11/1/08 Pow Wow)
Outdoor Games
Instructions, then  
Games List
Outdoor Game instuctions and sample games (Pow Wow 11/1/08)