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Webelos Transition to Boy Scouting

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Improved Webelos Transition

Pack 75's Transition Process
1.  Pack and then Troop Presentation to Sr. Webelos and Parents (typically in January after Sr. Webelo PWD heat.)
2.  Webelos should attend an "event" with a local Troop
3.  Webelos should attend a Troop Meeting (should be coordinated in advance with the Troop)
4.  Cross Over to the Troop (currently at the March Blue & Gold Banquet)
At this time, the new Boy Scout must complete a new BSA Application Form and check the "TRANSFER BOX" so that Council will move the boy's membership to the Troop.  This form should be given to the new BSA Troop Scoutmaster.   Generally this $1/transfer is paid by the new Troop.