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This series of brochures was designed to provide an at-a-glance orientation for new Cub Scout leaders.
Tiger Cub Den Leader (13-233) [PDF]
Cub Scout Den Leader (13-239) [PDF]
Webelos Den Leader (13-247) [PDF]
Cubmaster (13-237) [PDF]
Pack Committee Member (13-240) [PDF]

First impressions are important and Cub Scouting is no different.  Boys join Cub Scouts for excitement, to be with friends, and to have fun.  If your first meetings are fun, for you and for the Cub Scouts, they will come back for more...and future meetings will be easier and easier for you.
Scouting is designed to provide opportunities for families to work and play together, to have fun together, and to get to know each other a little better.  Parents are an integral part of the Scouting experience.

Securing the assistance of den families is important from the start.  Read through the Parent Guide contained in your youth handbook.  All parents need to understand that they are the primary leaders in Cub Scouting.  Tiger Cub, Wolf, and Bear parents are expected to work on the activities in the handbooks with their son.  As the den leader, you need to do your part by communicating with the parents and sharing information on all activities so that they can make plans in a timely fashion to participate with their son and be a part of his Cub Scouting experience.

Read the youth handbook appropriate for your den program to learn about the advancement requirements for your den's grade level.  Remember that in Tiger Cubs (1st grade) through Bear Cub Scout, helping the boy advance is primarily the responsibility of the parent.  You will support their efforts by providing fun and exciting learning activities at the weekly den meeting.  Den meetings of Webelos Scouts center on working on projects that contribute to earning a Webelos activity badge.
Step #1:  Establish the Basics
  • Learn to use the Pack's website for Pack meeting and event information.  
    Visit the Pack leader's den "Pack Leaders" for Pack 75's leader resources including a step-by-step "New DL Quick Start" program spelled out for you with links to valuable resources. 
  • Determine the day, time, and location of weekly den meetings.  Discuss options with den parents.  Den meetings should occur consistently on the same day, same time, and same location of each week every month.  In Weston, dens generally meet in a classroom after school, but private homes or other community facilities can be used.  
  • Update your Den's specific calendar for meetings.  As you go, include:  date, time, purpose, snack parent, identify the 2nd adult on site, what Achievements will be covered.
  • The "New DL Quick Start" program in the Leader's Resources section will link you immediately to the 3 required online  BSA training courses:   #1 Cub Scout Leader Fast Start and #2 Youth Protection Training, and #3 This is Scouting.   These online courses should be completed IMMEDIATELY and before you have your first den meeting.
  • The "Cub Scout Leader Specific Training" Course is taught in a classroom at Council.  This must be completed within 12 months as registering for an adult.  Available dates are on the Council Website.  The Cub Master will give you a Cub Scout Leader Book (No. 33221) before Basic 1 training.
Step #2  Prepare for Your First Den Meeting.
The online Cub Scout Leader Fast Start training in Step #1 showed you how to plan and conduct a den meeting for your age group.  Purchase a "Cub Scout Program Helps" (No. 34304) from Council.  This book is produced annually to provide a whole year of support for you when planning your meetings and provides week-by-week instructions or ideas.
Set a date and time for a Den Parents' meeting.  This may be in conjunction with your first den meeting.  You will want to be sure that parents understand that they are the primary leaders in the Cub Scouting program and that the den and pack exist to support their relationship with their son.  See the "New Parent Information Guide."
One den meeting a month should be a field trip, outdoor activity, or service project.  The basic structure of any den meeting includes:
  • Gathering activity- to keep boys occupied until everyone arrives
  • Opening ceremony- such as reciting the Pledge of Allegiance of Cub Scout Promise-- to officially kick off the meeting
  • Business items
  • Activities-- Learning a skill, playing a game, practicing a skit for a pack meeting, and/or doing craftwork.  Some of these activities can contribute to the way your den will participate in the monthly pack meeting.
  • Closing ceremony-- to calm and inspire the boys before they leave.
Step #3  Learn about Available Resources and Use them!
Repeat Step #1 above and be familiar with the Pack and Council websites!