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Change HOME or Den/Patrol: 
  • You have to participate with your son to complete the program achievement requirements in his Cub Handbook. 
  • You need to attend monthly Pack Events.  The Den depends on him to do his part in a skit, or song, or other job.  He should be present to receive awards.
  • You must participate in the Pack Fundraiser.  Registration fees cover LESS THAN HALF of the annual operating costs.
  • You are required to assist with Den and Pack activities throughout the year to "Make the Pack Go.
The above is a breakdown of what you signed on too when you completed and signed the BSA Youth Application form and registered your son in BSA.  Yes-- you effectively committed yourself as well.   Cubbing is not a drop-off program, or a sport where a couple of coaches can run the boys through drills or practices for you-- one game-- a three-month season.
Cub Scouting is about the bigger and broader game of life and relationships.  You won't be watching from the sidelines or the bleachers-- you need to be "doing with"-- that is how "shared memories" get made.  So yes-- your son will be excited to sleep on a "real" Battleship, and you may lose one night of sleep-- but the memory will be priceless.

Weston Cub Scout Pack is run entirely by parent volunteers.  Parents volunteer to be Den Leaders, which have the most direct and regular contact with the boys.  Other organization positions require volunteers as well or the pack cannot exist.  The very nature of most cub scout families is that they "will pitch in," and "will help," but the organization needs Adults to step up and take officer positions.   Volunteers are only in the pack as long as their children are cubs and so someone is always leaving.

Please see the Adult Leaders' Officer descriptions in the Pack 75 Handbook section on the "PC- Pack Committee"-- click here.