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Weston Cub Scout Pack 75

2011  Pinewood Derby Schedule

Car Check-In


Date: Friday, 2/4/2011
Location: Weston Middle School Cafeteria


Rank Check-In Time
Tigers, Wolves 7:00  -  7:30pm
Jr Webelos 7:30  -  8:00pm
Bears, Sr Webelos 8:00  -  8:30pm

Please Note:
• Cars must be presented the night of check-in to be eligible to race
   the next day
• Cars must pass all guidelines in the Regulations to be accepted for racing
• There will be a Pit Crew on site to assist with minor adjustments
• For cars not passing, there will be a final check-in opportunity 8-8:30am
   on race day
• Once accepted, cars may be handled by race staff only and will not
   be returned until racing is complete. All modifications and car work
   should be complete when the car is submitted for final check-in

Race Day

Date: Saturday, 2/5/2011
Location: Weston Middle School Cafeteria


Rank Sign-In Race
Sr Webelos*  8:30am  8:45am
Jr Webelos  8:45am  9:10am
Bears  9:45am  10:15am
Wolves  10:30am  10:45am
Tigers  11:15am  11:30am
Finals/Pack Awards    12:30pm
Sibling Race    after Finals

Please Note:
* Sr Webelos please budget time after your race and stay for the 
   Crossover for Troop 788
• Cubs must sign in at the front table at their Sign-In time
• Cubs must be present at race time for their car to compete
• Rank Awards will be announced after the completion of each Rank's racing
• Pack awards will be announced after the Finals are run
• Pizza sales start at 11:00am at $2/slice

Can you help with the Pinewood Derby? Please call or email if you can.