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Mini Soccer

Program Goal & Overview

The goal of Mini soccer is to give young, beginner players a chance to have fun and learn the game in a low-pressure environment that emphasizes building confidence and knowledge of the game through lots of playing time. We want to promote maximum touches on the ball, so the teams and field will be kept small as recommended by the US Soccer Federation's best practices guide.

2015 Eligibility & Age Requirements

Children must have been born in 2011 & 2009 (calendar year), or 2009 and 2010 if they don't qualify for county soccer.  There are no address restrictions, so children from any town can play CBGC Mini soccer.  Because we recognize that young children develop at different paces,  there will be flexibility in the placement of 5 and 6 year olds.  If certain 5 and 6 year olds who are showing advanced skills for their age and/or who have outgrown Mini soccer may be eligible to participate in the 6U county program. Children in this category should attend assessments for the 6U team.  After the assessment period, the coaches and the soccer commissioner will determine which 5/6 year-olds, if any, will play in the county program

Registration & Schedule

Registration opens mid-July.  Assessments happen the first week of September.  These informal assessment practices are held so that coaches can evaluate the experience and skill level of each child so that teams can be created that are evenly divided by skill level.  The date for the assessment will be announced.  They are usually held at Town Park.  Team practices will start the next week, with the practice schedule determined by each coach. Games usually start around the 3rd Saturday in September and run about 6 weeks.


Teams will have 7-8 players, and games will be played 4 vs. 4 on a small-sided field of about 100 ft by 60 ft.  No goalies will be used, except potentially toward the end of the season as a way of introducing the older children to goalkeeping.

Volunteer Coaches Needed

If you are willing to coach, please let us know during the registration process or email mini soccer commissioner Joe Ruddy or call him at 202-744-6396.  Our program is only as strong as the parent involvement.  Even if you have no soccer experience, you can help out and be given enough tips to help with a team.