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Recreational Format Reference
Age Group Ball Size Game Periods Time Rules
U5/U6 3 3v3 4 8 min. 2 min. breaks, 5 min. halftime, Kick ins, coaches allowed on field
U7/U8 3 4v4 4 10 min. 2 min. breaks, 5 min. halftime, Kick ins, no coaches allowed on field
U10 4 6v6 2 25 min. 5 min. halftime, Goalkeepers, Throw ins, No offsides
U12 4 8v8 2 30 min. 5 min. halftime, Conform to FIFA
U14-U18 5 8v8 2 35 min. 5min. halftime, Conform to FIFA
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You see them at all games. They are the three individuals carrying either a whistle or a flag. Their uniforms up until recently were black, but now referee fashions include yellow, red or blue. They are the referees or more correctly the referee and the assistant referees. Referees are an integral part of the game of soccer. Their primary functions are to ensure that the laws of the game are followed and that the safety of the player is ensured. The duties of the referee are specific and carefully outlined. The referee has the authority to:


Enforce the laws of the game

Apply the advantage clause
Keep a careful record of the game
Terminate a game if deemed necessary
Caution players guilty of misconduct or ungentlemanly behavior
Stop the game for serious injury
Allow no other person other than players and assistant referees to enter the field of play
Send a player off the field
Signal for the game to start after a stoppage of play
Decide whether all other conditions are appropriate for play including the ball, field of play and player’s equipment.

Referees are proud of their contribution to soccer and take their appointments seriously. Their basic requirements are: an understanding of the spirit and the letter of the laws; superior physical condition; cooperation with fellow officials; personal flexibility that allows for a totally unemotional approach to all decisions despite experiencing the myriad of participant emotions during a typical game; and to make the game of soccer enjoyable to play and watch.

So what does it take to become a referee? The first step is to sign up for an entry level clinic in your area. Several are held during the year and at various locations. An entry level or Grade 8 requires attendance of a 16-hr clinic wherein you learn about the Laws of the Game and their interpretation and enforcement as well as proper referee decorum and demeaner. From there, you can move up the grade level to state, national and FIFA levels. For more information contact the KYSA State Youth Administrator. The information provided in the table below summarizes the basic requirements for referee certification.