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"We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give." Winston Churchill


     Each Southern Kentucky Soccer Recreational soccer player’s parent or guardian will be required to select a category in which they will volunteer (mandatory) their service.


   If you have multiple children playing soccer a parent or guardian would not be required to volunteer for each child. If you will volunteer for one child it will meet your obligation for all of them.


These are the areas of need for Southern Kentucky Soccer and SKY Soccer volunteer service:


Head Coach  - Requires a minimum of one(1) practice per week

                            and attend all games. Provide team with all info


                            Apprx Total Hours: 20+ / season


Assistant Coach  - Assist the Head Coach as needed.

                                  Apprx Total Hours: 10+ / season


Team Manager  - Assist the Head Coach as needed by helping the coach

                                 circulate information to the team parents about policies

                                 and procedures, practices, games, pictures, snack schedules,

                                 or any other administrative duties.

                                  Apprx Total Hours: 10+ /season

·Field Marshall -  Assist staff members at Lovers Lane on Saturday

                                to answer questions, give parents directions, etc

                                in attempts to make Saturday’s run more smoothly.

                                Apprx Total Hours: 2-3 hours - one day/season


Age Group          Assist the SKY office staff by being a liason

  Coordinator-       between our office and the coaches/volunteers of a particular

                                age group or groups. This job will involve phone calls,

                                e-mails, and an occasional meeting.

                                Apprx. Total Hours: 10+ hours / season


Tournament -  Assist the SKY Tournament Committee

                            with manpower to run the SKY Tournament /

                            Fall Festival which are the club’s largest fundraisers.

                           ( i.e. – field marshall, parking, t-shirt sales )

                           Apprx. Total Hours: 2-3 hours – one day/season