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AVAILABILITY:  Parents, if you are interested in getting your son fitted for rental equipment, please be aware that the Patriot Lacrosse Club Rental Equipment Inventory consists of 50 Cascade helmets and multiple sizes of shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves. Players are required to provide their own lacrosse stick that can be purchased at TAMA Lacrosse or other sporting goods stores that carry lacrosse gear. Please checkout Tama Lacrosse first for variety and personal service. The helmet inventory consists of the following sizes: the smallest (CS), XXS, XS, S/M and 1-M/L. Rental Gear is intended for players that are new to the game of lacrosse; however, gear will be checked out on a "First Come, First Served" basis. There is no guarantee there will be enough equipment for everyone who requests it. Please contact the Patriot Lacrosse Rental Manager for availability.



GEAR RENTAL REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Parents, if you are interested in getting your son/daughter fitted for rental equipment, please complete the online Gear Rental Registration. After you receive your confirmation email, you will be contacted by our Gear Rental Chair to arrange pick-up/drop-off. When you collect your gear, please bring your deposit check (see fee schedule above for amount), made out to PATRIOT LACROSSE. Again, we will not cash the deposit check unless the equipment is not returned. 

Click HERE for the Online Gear Rental Registration


GEAR RENTAL AGREEMENT:  For your reference

Patriot Lacrosse Rental Agreement


RETURN:  Parents, if you are returning rental equipment at the end of a season, please wash the pads by hand or in a washing machine on the gentle cycle before returning. Contact the Patriot Lacrosse Rental Manager to determine where and when to meet to drop off the equipment and pickup your deposit check.


ADDITIONAL SEASON USE:  Parents, if you want to keep the rental equipment for an additional season, please complete a new Gear Rental Registration for the appropriate season and provide the Patriot Lacrosse Rental Manager a with a new deposit check made out to PATRIOT LACROSSE.


Patriot Lacrosse Rental Manager:

Contact Robert Caires @