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The mission of the Windsor Soccer Club travel team tryout and selection process is to ensure that all players receive a fair opportunity to join a team of their peers possessing similar game skills.


General Information:

Tryouts are open to all residents 6-14 girls and boys. A resident player is defined as a Town of Windsor resident or any player attending a school located in Windsor.


Teams for each age group will be formed to maximize the number of qualified participants in travel soccer. The number of teams formed for each age group will be determined by the number of qualified participants in tryouts and the number of coaches available.


Teams will be formed based on skill level. The top rated players will form a team that will play in a higher flight than the next team and so on. If there are not enough players or coaches to form a second or third team, all tryout participants not chosen for a roster position will be encouraged to play in other Windsor Soccer Club programs and attend tryouts the following year.



The tryout process is typically held once a year in the spring and will consist of one individual tryout session. The results of this tryout will determine the teams for the following fall and spring seasons.


Participants are required to attend the tryout session to be considered for the travel program.


Tryouts should only be held at Northwest Park soccer fields and will take place in late May or June every year.

If you have questions or comments please contact our travel director or the .

For more information on the Tryout process, please visit the Tryout documents page and view the Travel Tryout Guidelines.


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