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Newburyport Youth Soccer Coaching Expectations

As a coach and representative of NYSA, you will be held to a very high standard. Please familiarize yourself with the coaching expectations below. Please note that some of the expectations are more appropriate for the older age groups/travel divisions. Thank you for your help and continued support. NYSA is only as good as the volunteers.
·         Foster a love of the game
·         Promote good sportsmanship
·         Promote and adhere to the NYSA player development curriculum
·         Promote NYSA coaching philosophy
·         Treat all players with respect
·         Lead by example
·         Communicate effectively and regularly with parents
·         Respect and support the referee
·         Be good ambassadors for the town of Newburyport
·         Provide the opportunity for players to develop skills at all positions
·         Teach players how to win and lose gracefully