The Connecticut Hockey Conference is the governing body for USA Hockey in Connecticut
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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Registration for the 2019-20 season is open.

Register for seminars online at Log in with the the email address you used in your USA Hockey registration.


USA Hockey Officiating Seminars in CT

Seminar Date




Aug 4, 2019

Newington Arena, Newington, CT Levels 1-4

*** For female officials only ***

See this flyer.

31 officials attended

Aug 10, 2019 Newington High School & Arena, Newington, CT Level 1 ONLY

This is a one day seminar where attendees will complete certification requrements for open book test, online modules, and class and ice instruction. If you are under 18, you will be fully certified. If you are over 18, you will just have to complete SafeSport training on  your own.


72 officials attended

Aug 25, 2019 Cromwell, CT Level 1 & 2

Class sessions will be held at the Courtyard Marriott and ice will be down the road at Champions at the end of the day.

55 Level 1 officials attended

30 Level 2 officials attended

Aug 26, 2019 Central CT State University, New Britain, CT Level 3 ONLY

Vance Hall Room 105

68 officicials attended

Sept 7, 2019 The Rinks at Shelton, Shelton, CT Level 1 ONLY  
Sept 16, 2019 Southern CT State University, New Haven, CT Level 3 ONLY Connecticut Hall Seminar Room
Sept 22, 2019 The Rinks at Shelton, Shelton, CT Level 2 ONLY  
Sept 29, 2019 Trinity College Level 4 ONLY  
Oct 7, 2019 Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT Level 3 ONLY Judd Hall Room 116
Oct 20, 2019 Canterbury School, New Milford, CT Levels 1-3  


Additional Level 4 seminars in New England:


Seminar FAQs

What equipment should I bring for the on-ice portion of the seminar?

New Level 1 Officials: Bring player’s skates, a whistle (preferably a finger whistle), and a hockey helmet. Standard hockey official whistles are the Acme Thunderer and the Fox 40. A half shield or visor is recommended if you have one. Goalkeeper’s skates do not enable the agility required by an ice-hockey official and will make the on-ice drills very difficult. If you only have a full cage, you may wear it, but good luck blowing your whistle. Yes, the on-ice drills do involve blowing a whistle. Fear not though, you will not be the first camper to wear a full cage. The instructors will know what to do. Shorts are never appropriate for on-ice activities and are a particular pet peeve of both the CT Referee-in-Chief and the New England District Referee-in-Chief.

Returning Level 1 Officials: Bring all of your on-ice gear.

Level 2 Officials: Bring all of your on-ice gear.

Level 3 Officials: The Level 3 sessions as scheduled do not include ice time, so no gear is necessary.

Level 4 Officials: You will be taking a skating test, so bring all of your on-ice gear.

No one will be allowed on the ice at any level without a hockey helmet.  No exceptions. Shinpads and elbow pads are recommended because, well . . . ice is hard.

What should I bring for the classroom portion of the seminar?

Campers should bring the necessary on-ice equipment (see above), attention, enthusiasm, a willingness to participate, and something to take notes with.

I have to leave early or arrive late. Is that ok?

In a word, no. There is a lot of content presented during the seminar and we are on strict timelines. Arriving late or leaving early will mean you miss out on content. We are only asking for six (four for levels 3 and 4) total hours of your time per season. All the instructors are volunteers and give up much more than six hours to educate the campers. Please show them the respect they deserve and show up on time and leave at the end. Please don’t put the CT Referee-in-Chief in the awkward position of saying No by asking to leave early. Nobody is happy about that answer. If you cannot attend the full session, please contact the to be transferred to another seminar.

If the seminar starts at 9am, what time should I be there?

The first topic will start promptly at the scheduled start time, so please give yourself enough time to check in, locate the class, pick out the most awesome seat available, and settle in. Thirty minutes prior would be a good time to shoot for.

When will I go on the ice?

Ice times vary by seminar. Due to the less-than-desirable classroom facilities at the municipal rinks, we may try something new this year and hold the classroom session on one day and the skating session on another. You may be able to take the class session in June and skate in July or August if that fits your schedule. For facilities that have both ice and good classrooms (like Canterbury and Avon Old Farms) we will do class and ice on the same day. 

We try to cover topics such as icing and offsides in the classroom before we do the on-ice instruction for those subjects, so there is a good chance you will have at least an hour in the class before heading to the ice. The level 1 class is usually the most highly attended. We will run the class as one group and if the group is big enough, will split into two groups. One group will remain in class and the other group will hit the ice. The groups will then switch. Each group will get the same training. The groups will reunite as one to complete the day.

Do parents have to stay at the seminar with their young officials for the duration?

Beginning with the 2019-2020 season, there is likely to be a 30 min session at the beginning of the seminar for parents of new officials. This session will help set expectations for your NHL-bound youngster and identify all the steps necessary to become fully certified and ready to receive games from the local officiating organization. In the past, we have relied on the officials to communicate that information back to you, but it hasn't always worked well. We hate to see officials not get their shot because they didn't know everything they need to do.

Level 1 and 2 seminars are six hours and usually run 9am-3pm. Level 3 seminars are four hours and usually run 9am-1pm. The last 30 mins are for Q&A, wrap-up, and attendance (Level 1) and closed book testing (Level 2 & 3), so there is a possibility that the campers may be dismissed a bit early. Parents, try to be back to pick up your young camper 30 mins before the scheduled end time. Level 4 seminars are on an entirely different schedule. Contact the for more details if needed.

What happens if a parent is running late for pickup?

We’re not monsters - we will stay with your young camper until someone arrives to retrieve them. If you arrive more than 20 mins after the scheduled end time, a Dunkin' Donuts caramel swirl decaf coffee with almond milk will make the CT Referee-in-Chief much happier.

Is lunch provided during the seminar?

No. You may bring food from home to eat during a break or hit the rink snack bar.

Will the seminar cost me anything?

Other than money you might want to bring for food and drink, there is no additional cost. The registration fees that you paid while registering with USA Hockey covers the cost of the seminar.


Do you have other questions? Email the .