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NCJLA High School & Youth ‘A’ Division Playoff Seeding Process

The NCJLA uses the Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) to produce a hard number with which to rank teams. The RPI is a quantity used to rank sports teams based upon a team's wins and losses and its strength of schedule. This system has been in use since 1981 to aid in the selecting and seeding of teams. For the NCJLA 2015 playoffs, the NCJLA will use the same RPI as was used in 2013 and 2014, but with updated weighting as detailed below.

Because the RPI is so significant to the seeding, it is crucial that the formula yield fair and predictable results. The NCJLA uses an RPI that considers the following criteria: (1) the team's winning percentage, (2) the team's strength of schedule based on the winning percentages of the team's opponents, and (3) the team's strength of schedule based on the winning percentages of opponents once-removed: teams played by the team's opponents. To rank a team based upon these criteria, the RPI gives different weights to the three criteria, multiplying each criterion by a different percentage. The RPI assigns a weight of 25 percent for the first criterion, 50 percent for the second, and 25 percent for the third, and then sums these products.

As an example, consider a team with a winning percentage of 75%, an opponents' winning percentage of 60%, and a winning percentage of 50% by opponents once-removed. Table 1 demonstrates how the RPI is calculated.

 Table 1: RPI Calculation



Criterion x Weight

Winning percentage (75%)


0.75 x 0.25 = 0.1875

Opponents' winning percentage (60%)


0.60 x 0.50 = 0.3

Winning percentage of opponents once removed (50%)


0.50 x 0.25 = 0.125

RPI = 0.1875 + 0.3 + 0.125 = 0.6125


Note: There is NO benefit to running up a score. Score differential does not factor into RPI calculations.

Seeding Results – HS and A team rankings will be posted on the NCJLA website on the following dates:


Seedings Posted

Final Day of Regular Season

Boys A, Girls A, Girls HS

Weds: 3/25, 4/8, 4/22

Mon: 5/4

Sunday, May 3

Boys HS

Weds: 3/25, 4/8, 4/15

Mon: 4/27

Sunday, April 26


Boys Varsity Playoff Seeding Addendum

The NCJLA experimented in 2013 and 2014 with a coaches’ poll to seed the Boys Varsity playoffs. Ultimately, the playoffs were seeded according to RPI, so we will dispense with the coaches poll and seed strictly according to RPI this season.

Click here for a pdf version of this.