The Riverside High School Athletic Booster Club is committed to providing student-athletes at Riverside High School the very best facilities, equipment, protection and opportunities. We raise funds for uniforms, training equipment and team support.

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Does your team need training equipment? Uniforms? Other needs? The RHS Athletics Booster Club is here to help. Click here to see projects the booster club has helped to fund the past 2 years.

How do you submit a request for your team? Complete and submit a Funds Request Form along with an invoice or other cost estimate, an explanation of the need, and the portion of the cost you would like the Booster Club to fund to .

Team Funding Request Form

Requests for funds should be submitted to Coach Duncan for approval. Uniform and equipment purchases should be made through BSN Sports whenever possible. The usual method for uniform funding includes a minimum 4 year rotation for replacement of uniforms and a 3 way split of the funding between the Booster Club, the Athletic Department, and the team, with each paying a third of the cost.

We also need your help with raising funds to pay for many well-deserving and badly-needed projects. We have established a Sponsorship Program to raise money from area businesses, and always need more help getting sponsors and players for our annual Golf Tournament. If you own a business or know someone who does, we need you!