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Take a look at the Required Gear page and you'll see that some of the gear is available for you to rent from LAHA. 

There is a $60 rental fee plus a $200 deposit for the playing season. 

It is always best to attend a planned Walk-In Equipment Rental session down at the rink to get your player outfitted with gear.  It is first come first serve, but any equipment that LAHA lacks for a player will be purchased before the start of the playing season.  After the season starts, new gear will not be purchased. 

Players MUST be present for fitting.  We will not rent out gear that has not been properly fitted.  We will not let out gear that is improperly fitted until a suitable replacement can be purchased - that gear may fit another player. 

If players grow out of gear during the season, it will be swapped out for gear that fits properly but LAHA will not purchase new gear after the start of the season.  If it isn't on hand, then parents will be required to purchase the gear at their expense.  LAHA buys gear in bulk to save money, if we buy only one or two peices of gear after the season starts then we lose out on that buying power.  LAHA barely breaks even on most gear and cannot afford to not save money when possible.


 LAHA does NOT rent nor maintain the following:

Garter Belts
Jocks/Cups/Pelvic Protectors
Hockey Socks
Mouth Gaurds

These items are sometimes on hand from donations and are offered to players as needed.