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Instructional Program Overview

The instructional program of the ACMYC is a unique entity that fosters the love of sailing, camaraderie and competition.  Our aim is to introduce, develop, and master elementary and advanced sailing skills so that the racing fleets of the CMYC may continue to thrive as they have since 1906.  In the spirit of the original founders of the CMYC, we try our best to be all-inclusive.  Our 7 different classes cater to children ages 8 to 16 of varying sailing abilities.  In these classes, students learn how to sail safely as well as how to cooperate prudently and compete respectfully.

Sailing Program Overview

Age, size and sailing abilities are among the many factors that go into deciding what class is right. The Head Instructor along with the parent coordinators will be more than happy to discuss what class is appropriate.  Final placement of sailors is at the discretion of the Head Instructor.