Little League Baseball program located in Danvers MA.

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Danvers National Little League 

Division Game Rules & Skill 

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This is a non-competitive division open to all players who will be Little League 8 years of age or under this season. No official scores or standings will be kept and there will be no playoffs. The emphasis will be on instruction, developing basic skills, teamwork and having fun. Ideally, team rosters will be kept to TEN players. Ten player teams are assigned to field positions each inning, and all players bat. No umpires are used, but defensive on-field coaches shall make the safe / out calls. Participation trophies are given to all players at the end of the season.

Game Rules:

  • Safety is always first.
  • Make the game fun.
  • All players shall bat and play defense.
  • THERE WILL BE NO SCORE-KEEPING, BUT OUTS ARE COUNTED. This is a non-competitive division.
  • Teams should not track innings played. NO NEW INNING WILL BEGIN AFTER 75 MINUTES OF GAME TIME IS REACHED.
  • An inning will end after all players have batted OR a team makes 3 outs, whichever occurs first.
  • Coaches should try to expedite the game, by having all players hustle on and off the field and directing catchers to be ready when the last out is made.
  • "PLAYER-PITCH" IS ALLOWED FOR THE FIRST 4 PITCHES TO ANY ONE BATTER. THE BATTER'S COACH SHALL THEN PITCH UP TO 4 ADDITIONAL PITCHES TO THAT BATTER. If a batter is still having difficulty after the "coach-pitches", the coach should soft toss up to 4 pitches from the opposite batters box. If the player has yet to hit the ball, the Tee will be used to complete this at bat.
  • Batters may advance to 2nd base on ball hit to the outfield. On balls hit to the outfield, runners may advance until the ball returns to the infield. Once the ball has returned to the infield, coaches will hold all runners.
  • There is no on-deck circle. The on-deck batter will wear a helmet to be ready but will not have a bat in hand until on the way to the plate. THE ONLY PLAYER ALLOWED TO HAVE A BAT IN HIS/HER HANDS IS THE ONE CURRENTLY AT BAT.
  • Head first sliding is not allowed.