Little League Baseball program located in Danvers MA.

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Danvers National Little League 

Division Game Rules & Skill Sets 

"AAA &AA" Division


"Minor" is considered a developmental division with an increased level of competitive play. In "AAA &AA", during the regular season, coaches are strongly encouraged to emphasize player instruction instead of winning, by developing basic skills, teamwork and having fun. Players range in age from 8-10 years old. Managers select (+/-) 12 players per team based upon evaluation ratings. Great effort is made to create equally balanced teams throughout the division. Umpires are used at this level. Game scores and standings are recorded; however, a playoff format is used at the end of the season regardless of regular season records. Trophies are awarded to both the regular season and playoff champion.

Pitching distance flexibility is provided at the AAA & AADivision. One of the goals at the AAA &AA Division is to develop pitchers and have all players pitching at a 46' distance by the end of the regular season. 

Little League Age 8 year olds will pitch from the distance recommended from their tryout (either 40' or 46'). Any adjustments must be agreed upon by managers and approved by the AAA & AA Division Director.

All Little League Age 9 year olds are required to pitch from 46', unless an agreement is made by the managers to move to 40'. Differences of opinion among Managers (if any) must be brought forth and resolved by the Minor Division Director.

Game Rules:

  • No minimum number of players is required to play a game.
  • Free substitution rules apply.
  • Each player must play a minimum of FIVE defensive innings in a six-inning game.
  • Scorebooks shall be maintained by each team for purposes of keeping a batting order, pitch counts and recording individual statistics of that teams players only.
  • Pitch counts are kept by both teams.
  • Ten players are assigned to field positions each inning. Four outfielders will be used, and the outfielders must play across (for example, LF, LC, RC, RF).
  • A continuous batting order will be implemented, and all roster players bat whether assigned to a field position or not.
  • Each player will sit on the bench ONLY one defensive inning. A player that sits on the bench should not be benched again until all other players have taken their turn on the bench.
  • Equal playing time in the infield and the outfield shall be offered to all players on the team over the course of the season. All players should have some playing time at all positions at some point in the season.
  • The batting order should be shuffled every game. All players should get the opportunity to bat leadoff, cleanup, etc. at some point in the season.
  • There is no on-deck circle. The on-deck batter will wear a helmet to be ready but will not have a bat in hand until on the way to the plate. THE ONLY PLAYER ALLOWED TO HAVE A BAT IN HIS/HER HANDS IS THE ONE CURRENTLY AT BAT.
  • All players must wear a batting helmet when at bat and when running the bases.
  • No bases are awarded for being hit by a pitch. If a player is hit by a pitch, that pitch will count as a ball.
  • A pitcher will be removed from the mound after the pitcher hits a batter(s) three times.
  • GAMES are played for 6 innings; however NO NEW INNING CAN START AFTER 90 MINUTES. In order to expedite the game, all defensive players should take the field as soon as the 3rd out is made. The change over from offense to defense should take only 1 minute.
  • Throwing the bat is not permitted. A batter will receive a warning after the first occurrence. The second occurrence will result in the batter being called out.
  • Head first sliding is prohibited.
  • Bunting is permitted. Each player can only attempt to bunt during one at bat per game (any attempt to bunt whether it is successful or not counts as the one attempt).
  • A team total of 3 successful "steals" will be allowed each inning (starting after Memorial Day and continuing through the end of the season and playoffs). Only one "steal" of home per inning may occur. Note: If after three successful steals any runner is successful, "Time" will be called and the runner(s) will be returned without penalty. If caught stealing, runner is "out".
  • Runner(s) may not advance on ANY overthrow by the catcher to any base or back to the pitcher. Note: If any runner(s) does advance safely on an overthrow, "time" will be called and the runner(s) will be returned to their previous base.
  • No infield fly rule.
  • Coaches are not allowed on the field during live action.
  • Player & Parents shall abide by the DNLL Codes of Conduct.


  • Develop batting skills through proper stance, grip, and swing & pitch selection.
  • Develop fielding skills (infield and outfield positions, making the play at the correct base, backing up plays at the plate and in the field).
  • Develop the fundamentals of fielding ground balls with emphasis on proper stance, glove and hand position.
  • Develop base running savvy (when to run and listening to the 1st and 3rd base coaches).
  • Develop proper sliding technique.
  • Develop tracking skills for catching fly balls.
  • Develop basic pitching mechanics & proper throwing.
  • Develop good sportsmanship and respect for umpires.
  • Develop confidence.
  • Learn basic baseball rules and strategy and how to apply these in offensive and defensive situations.
  • Develop a passion & learn to love the game of baseball.


DNLL 2014 Season