Little League Baseball program located in Danvers MA.

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Stan Brown Jamboree

Stan Brown served as a District Administrator in the U.S. Eastern Region for 48 years. He started his service to Little League as a founding member of the Danvers Little League and was the second-longest tenured District Administrator in the Little League program.

One of Stan's dreams was to make an impact on kids and provide them ample opportunity to play baseball. The Stan Brown Jamboree is held in his honor for that reason.

"The whole jamboree is to honor Stan, who was such a great guy and did so much for Little League baseball. He always wanted to give kids the opportunity to play baseball all summer. Now that the all-star tournaments are finished up, we'll take over."

Tony Brooks

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the families who have participated in our 5th Annual Tournament!

It is great to see the kids having fun playing baseball!!

12th Annual Stan Brown Jamboree

The tradition continues this summer with the 11th annual tournament coming to Danvers this Summer 2021. Check back here for more details as they become available.

Michael Hanlon
DNLL League President

Jamboree Information


Safetly is a big concern when it involves our athletes. Please do your part and remember the following:

  • There should be NO swinging of a baseball bat unless the batter is at the plate.
  • When Practicing (Soft Toss)
    • Please make sure there is at least a 10 foot safety zone around the batter.
  • Every catcher mask needs to have a dangling throat protector (Properly fitted)
  • NO players should be on the field at any time without a glove or a helmet on.
  • Players should be aware of bats and flying baseballs at all times.
  • Spectators should be aware that balls do leave the playing area.
  • Please pay attention to the bats and balls both on and off the field.

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