LRF exists to promote youth football in the Stevensville, Michigan area.

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What is the age/weight breakdown for Flag, Minors, Majors?

FLAG football is open to all 6-8 year olds (age on August 1 of current year/season).  However, 8 year olds must weigh 65lbs or less to participate in Flag.  All 8 year olds weighing 65lbs or greater must move up to Minors.

MINORS is open to all 8-10 year olds (age on August 1 of current year/season).  However, 10 year olds must weigh 75lbs or less with full pads on to participate in Minors.  If a 10 year old who weighs 75lbs or less with full pads on elects to participate in Minors then they will not be allowed to advance the football by playing quarterback or running back.  All 10 year olds weighing greater than 75lbs must move up to Majors.

MAJORS is open to all 10-12 year olds (age on August 1 of current year/season.)   12 year olds must be going into 6th grade.


Can my/our child move up to the next division level if he is underage? (Flag to Minors, Minors to Majors)

While we strongly encourage parents to keep their child in the appropriate age/weight division, we also realize there are occasional situations where a child might be ready to move up to the next level.  Parents who wish to move their child up to the next division level of play must submit a request to the LRF Board President via email.  Each situation will be evaluated independently and a decision made after a conversation with the parents and child, input from a past coach, and discussion among LRF Board members.  We encourage parents to think through all aspects of this decision before choosing to move a child up to the next level.  Generally speaking, at the youth football level, it's always best to keep your child at the age/weight appropriate level when possible.


What is the time commitment to play Rocket or Flag football?

Before the season begins, we have several events and ask that all players attend if possible. Each player will be required to attend 2-3 practices through the week beginning in Mid August and ending the last week of October. Practices last from 1 to 2 hours. One parent must be present for Flag Practices. Rocket parents should stay and watch practices when possible for encouragement. Volunteer requirements are listed below.


What if I want to be a coach for Lakeshore Rocket Football?

Coaching is a top priority of ours. We receive many requests from parents interested in coaching. While we love to get as many people involved as possible, we also have limited spots available for coaching. LRF has a very strict coaching policy and holds high expectations for all of our coaches. Each head coach submits to the process and is personally interviewed before being invited to coach. Assistant coaches are held to the same standards. All assistant coaches must be approved by the LRF President and Board of Directors. Please contact us if you are interested in coaching but please realize that a coaching position is NOT guaranteed.


Can my child play on a team with his/her friends or with a particular coach?

We do our very best to accommodate parent/player requests but cannot guarantee that your son/daughter will be able to play on a particular team.  These type of requests are easier to honor at the FLAG and MINOR levels because of how teams are assembled in those divisions.   


How are teams assembled?

Our FLAG teams are assembled by the Flag Football Director and members of the LRF Board of Directors.  Our MINORS teams are assembled with collective input from each head coach and members of the LRF Board of Directors.  Our MAJORS teams are assembled with a player draft.  Each MAJORS player is selected by the head coach in an order randomly determined at the beginning of the draft.  For the sake of continuity, we allow returning MAJORS coaches to keep 2 players from the previous season.  All remaining kids outside of coaches kids and the 2 keepers are available draft picks.  LRF does its best to avoid "stacking" teams.  Recruiting kids to play on a particular team is prohibited. 


Does Lakeshore Rocket Football offer financial assistance? 

We do offer financial assistance.  It's our mission to encourage participation and we do not want to see anyone left out due to finances.  Click here for more info about financial assistance.


How do I get more involved with Lakeshore Rocket Football?

LRF depends heavily on volunteer involvement (time and/or money).  We can always use more help from week to week (before and after the season) and we can always use more money.  Contact us if you want to get involved or if you have an idea of how you can contribute to our mission.  We are eager to help people find a place on the LRF team.


Why am I asked to Volunteer for concessions and events?

LRF succeeds because of our Volunteers. Football is a team sport and whether you are helping direct a team or serving them food, you are part of that team. Even our coaches will volunteer for concessions! The money raised goes right back into the program for better equipment and facility improvements. We do not ask you to sell anything or pay for the safety gear out of your pocket. We just ask for your help a few hours each season. We do offer an "OPT OUT" option during registration so if there is absolutely no way your family can help personally, you can help financially.


Why does LRF no longer have a cheer program? 

With the waning interest in the LRF cheer program over the past several years, the LRF leadership unanimously agreed it would be best for LRF to focus its resources on the flag and Rocket football programs moving forward.  We trust that someone in the community will step up to inspire vision in others and lead a Lakeshore youth cheer organization in the future.  To be clear, LRF is not looking for someone to lead a cheer program as part of the LRF organization.  Rather, we hope the right people will come together with a common vision to create, organize and lead a cheer program for interested youth in our community, independent of LRF.  The LRF leadership looks forward to working with that organization in the future.