Rangers Lacrosse Club is a volunteer-run organization.  The success of our association relies on our talented parents actively participating, whether it be as a coach, team mom, board member or help during our games.  Each home game requires volunteers from each team to track game statistics, run the clock and scoreboard, announce or help field set up and tear down.  If you are planning to actively participate with your team (outside of game day activities only), you will be required to complete a LISD volunteer application and a background check must be cleared.


Game Day Admin Duties

Our Rangers Club VP of High School, and VP of Youth are our Game Day Admins. They, along with another Board member or coach, will help recruit volunteers to help to fill these jobs.

Home Games:

  • Get the table, chairs, gameday cones/ball, water coolers, and water bottles from the club storage unit.
  • Connect with LISD field contact (if game is at Ranger Stadium) to get access to scoreboard, unlock the bathrooms, and to turn on lights, and get the scoreboard control panel.
  • Collect vouchers from the refs and provide to the treasurer, (or another board member if the treasurer is not present).
  • Fill water coolers with ice/water and place on the two benches.  Fill the water bottles for the Rangers bench.
  • Set up cones on the field to mark off the substitution box and player boxes. Place 6 spare game balls on the endlines.  (Recruit some player siblings to put the balls on the endline before the game and between each quarter.  We will try to have players from our youth team at the game to help shag balls during the game.  Make sure the kids know not to be on the endlines during play for safety reasons).
  • Collect rosters from both teams coaches and provide to the scorers and announcers (if present).
  • Check-in/direct team medical trainer to the scorers table.  

**If more than one game is going on that day, work with the other team volunteers to handoff/pickup duties.

  • If last game, insure the players pick up trash on the field/stands, get the scoreboard control panel to the official.  Pack up and return the scorers table, chairs, coolers, game day bag etc. to the storage unit, make sure lights are off, and bathroom/gates locked (or handed off to LISD contact).

Away Games:

  • Get the team's game day equipment from the storage unit and bring it to the game.
  • Get the printed team roster from the club secretary, team rep/mom (youth) or coach and provide to the home team scorer and announcer as well as the Ranger scorebook keeper.
  • Help mediate any rowdy Ranger parents/fans in stands, contacting security if necessary.
  • 'Check-in' the other game day volunteers (scorekeeper/spotter).
  • If someone doesn't show up, recruit from stands or fill in; help answer questions for the other volunteers.
  • Help return the game day equipment to the club storage unit.

The scorekeeper records the game results and statistics in the game "book". This information is then organized and aggregated by the coaches. The coaches use the statistics information for planning and evaluation for games as well as post season awards.
The scorekeeper working at the scoring table on the field. Statistics tracked include shots, goals, assists, ground balls, clears and other items as called by the spotter.

The spotter works at the scoring table and assists the scorekeeper by relaying game events such as shots, goals, assists, saves, clears, ground balls, penalties, etc.  Spotters must be familiar with these rules for scoring lacrosse game statistics.

Penalty Time Operator
The penalty time operator keeps track of the time for players sitting out due to a penalty. The operator uses up to three stop watches to track the time, provides time remaining information to the coaches, players, and referees, and yells "Released" when a players penalty time has been released.

Scoreboard Operator
The scoreboard operator runs the game time and operates the scoreboard for games at Ranger Stadium or at Wilco Southwest Regional Park.

The photographers work either on the field (when allowed by referees and site administrators) or in the stands to take digital photographs of each game. They should insure a balance of photographs so that all players are represented.  The photographer will upload their photos to the clubs Facebook or another photo site that parents/fans can access within 1 week. Our photographers also work with the varsity awards banquet coordinators to create our year-end review presentation and DVD.


The team videographer records game day footage for use by our coaches and players when they review game "film". The videographer must select a high spot when possible and film the entire game. They will stop filming during play stoppages, trying to capture about 1/8 of field at all times. The videographer must operate their zoom to capture both wide action as well as close in action that centers on one player or an area of play. The videographer will take captured video and upload it to an online site.  The videographer is responsible for setting up the online storage for video to be accessed by the coaches after the game. The game videographer must have an understanding of the requirements, and can upload the video.   The videographer will also work with the varsity awards banquet coordinators to create our year-end review team highlight video for the end of year banquet.

The team announcer is responsible for playing the national anthem prior to the varsity game and announcing the names of scorers and assists.    The announcer will announce scores and names of players that scored or assisted.

Sprit Merchandise/Concessions

Help set up the stand prior to the game (if it's the first game of the day), work the concession stand during the game, and help to tear down the concession stand and provide the money and supplies back to a Board Member (if it's the last game of the day).



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2013-2014 Volunteer Information and Requirement