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What is RecSelect Soccer?


RecSelect is a program that is available for the more serious player who has demonstrated a commitment and greater ability to perform at a higher competitive level and can demonstrate this consistently in the recreational program.  These players are some of the more driven and skilled players in our Rececreational program. 

A roster spot on a RecSelect team is a reward for our recreational players who have excelled in their skills.  An invite to the RecSelect team is an achievement of which a player can be proud.  It is recognition for their effort, talent, attitude, and determination on the soccer field.  It is our objective at MonU that Rec-Select be a motivating factor for many of our players in their personal soccer development.

RecSelect is a great opportunity for the players who are developmentally ready for the next level of play in a more competitive atmosphere.  This program can also be a good transition if your son or daughter is thinking about Travel Soccer in the future. 

MonU offers RecSelect teams at U19, U16, U14, U12, U10, U8, and U7 for tounament play. Area tournaments are played in October, November, and the beginning of December, including MonU’s Roger Erb Tournament.  All of these tournaments are local one day tournaments on weekends.  Usually, 3 fall tournaments are selected for each Select team as well as our Spring Shoot For The Cause tournament.  There also may be the opportunity to enter the team into winter indoor soccer as well.  
For the 2015 Fall Season, we will be holding open tryouts for Rec Select starting the second week of September on Sunday afternoons or evenings.    MonU's Rec-Select tournament dates are: Roger Erb is Nov 14/15, 2015 and Shoot For The Cause is May 14/15, 2016

Financial Assistance

We offer financial assistance to those who are in need. If you need assistance, please email   for the financial aid application and then submit for review and approval. Please know that not everyone may qualify.