To teach kids to honor and love the game.

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 Westfield Lacrosse Boys Lacrosse Program

Commitment Policy (Applies to 2nd to 8th Grade Programs)

*Outside Programs: The WLC and our coaching staffs are very aware of the increasing demands from Club lacrosse programs during the Spring Season. We feel that our programs offer a great overall experience as well as preparation for playing at the High School level.  We have proven this year in and year out by feeding the numerous club teams in our area with many of their best players. Because of the commitment the board, coaching staff, your fellow players and parents make to achieve success each season, we expect a prioritization of Westfield Lacrosse over that of your Summer Club teams. In an effort to maintain that prioritization of our program, we are implementing an escalating 3 strike policy. This applies to missed practices and missed games:

Strike 1) Miss 1 WLC event for a club lacrosse event = loss of play for the next WLC game

Strike 2) Miss 2 WLC events for a club lacrosse events = loss of play for the next 2 WLC games.

Strike 3) Miss 3 WLC events = loss of position on our travel roster.

Our goal is to have a clearly enforceable policy so please let us know if you have any questions. This policy applies to Club Lacrosse. If you have conflicts with other non-Spring sports, we also expect you to make the WLC your spring season priority.


Soft Toss Program - Grades: Kindergarten through 1st

  • 6 Sessions (starts in April - 1 hour session -weekly). An entry-level instructional lacrosse program. The children use only a lacrosse stick and sift Swax Lax balls to participate in basic skill practice such as catching, throwing, cradling, and scooping. We do cone drills and simple games to help their coordination and confidence. It is designed to be a lot of fun, good exercise and a great introduction to Lacrosse.  Kids will only need a regular lacrosse stick (i.e. no fiddlesticks).  Gloves are recommended but not required.

2nd & 3rd Grade Lacrosse

  • In-town league with some scheduled games with nearby towns (starts in late March and runs through early June)

  • Full Equipment Needed: Lacrosse Stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, cup, mouthpiece 

  • 2nd and 3rd graders will practice twice per week (clinic style) and generally play one game per week.

  • Games are 7 vs 7 on a short field.

  • For players who are interested and prepared, a few games may be organized with neighboring towns.

  • Focus is on teaching fundamentals, everyone plays multiple positions

4th Grade Lacrosse

  • This is an In-town league with scheduled games with nearby towns (Starts in March and runs through early June).

  • Everyone will practice twice per week and generally play one game per week.

  • Games will be 10 vs 10 on a large field.

  • Focus is on teaching fundamentals, everyone plays multiple positions

  • Midway through the season, a few games will be organized with neighboring towns and possibly entering festival style tournaments. An additional time commitment and additional fee may be required.   Travel games are only recommended for players who are prepared.

5th - 8th Grade Travel Lacrosse (White and Blue Teams)*

  • Players will be placed on teams based on ability and selected through independent evaluation and prior year coach feedback. We plan to have 2 travel teams at each grade level, a “White” team and a “Blue” team.

  • Approximately 8-10 games played on full fields

  • Each team will have 18-22 players.

  • Commitment is expected to prioritize Westfield lacrosse as the primary in-season sport, playing time in games is earned by demonstrating AAA in practices (aptitude, attitude, attendance).

  • The “Blue” and “White” teams will practice 3 days per week and play one travel game per week. The Blue and White teams will participate in two Tournaments.

  • Blue and White players may be invited to participate in In-Town games as space is available.