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Boys Youth Lacrosse Rules

The Westfield Lacrosse Club is a member of both the NJJLL, which is the governing body for boys youth lacrosse, and the NJJGLL, which oversees girls youth lacrosse in New Jersey. Their websites are as follows:

The boys youth rules may be downloaded at
Some highlights on Boys Youth-level rules:

  • No "take out" body checks- definition: checks in which the player lowers his head and shoulders with the force and intent to "take out" (put on the ground) the opposing player.
  • Mercy Rule: At the 5th through 7th grade level, if a team is up by 3 or more goals, then the other team receives the ball uncontested at midfield without a faceoff. At the 8th grade level, it changes to 6 goals ahead.
  • Overtime: At the 5th and 6th grade level - one four minute period with NO sudden victory. At 7th and 8th - (2) four minute periods or sudden victory whichever comes first; if still tie at end of second OT then the game is declared a tie.

3rd & 4th Grade Boys Lacrosse Rules Modifications

  1. Field size: 60 X 30 yards (a shortened field); We'll try to play out of bounds by the book.
  2. Positive: Coaches coach, kids play, parents cheer (period).
  3. No slashing, no one handed checks, tight officiating. If anyone checks one handed play stops and the team being checked keeps possession and gets to set up.
  4. Try to limit sticks raised above head level (it’s not possible to eliminate entirely). If a player consistently ignores this, then same penalty as above.
  5. On minor penalties that the kids might not know about (like a defensemen running into his own crease with the ball), we stop play to explain the rule, but don't change possession.
  6. If that team does has the same infraction again in that game then we can change possession.
  7. For bigger penalties like slash or body checks we stop play and give possession to the other team. If the same kid does the same penalty more than once, then he has to sit for at least minute, but his team gets a sub for him so that they don't have to play short handed.
  8. If the goalie has at least one foot in the crease, then he and his stick are protected, even if sticking out of the crease (this is a bit more protection than NCAA rules provide, but is more clear for our kids).
  9. Minimum 2 passes per possession before shooting.
  10. Ball is awarded to the team that was scored on at mid-field.

Please view to better learn the rules as they apply to youth as well as higher levels of play.