Our mission is to glorify God by developing and operating sports programs based on biblical principles where young people can learn Christian values by participating in a healthy, competitive sports environment.

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ACYS is a non-profit organization raising funds through the sale of field advertising banners. The banners will be displayed on the fence at Trotters Park for the 2014-2015 season.  Numerous events are held each year at Trotters Park with Flag Football, ACYS Youth Soccer, Spirit United Competitive Soccer as well as tournaments and special events. Your advertising message will reach thousands of people each year!


Who can purchase a banner?

Any family friendly business, organization or individual approved by ACYS can purchase a field banner. There are no exclusive deals in place that would prevent competing companies from purchasing a field banner.   


How much do they cost?

Option 1: 4' x 6' Color Banner - $300
Option 2: 4' x 3' Color Banner - $200


How long do these banners remain up on the fence?

The sponsorship will run from August 1, 2014- June 1, 2015, at which time sponsors will have the opportunity to renew their banner sponsorship.  Your sponsorship information will also be displayed on our website during the sponsorship period.


Does ACYS have any other opportunities for sponsorship? 

Yes, click here to learn more.


Who do I contact if I know someone that might be interested in purchasing a Field banner and has questions?

Direct all field sponsor inquiries to:  Loydie at 407-575-2434


How do I purchase a field banner?

                To purchase a field banner click the Purchase Now button below.