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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


  1. Who can I contact if I have additional Questions? Direct your questions via email to the coordinator listed below for the program your questions pertain to:

      • MiniKickers Coordinator - Chris Golia <chrisgolia@sbcglobal.net>

      • Recreational Coordinator - Anthony Messina < 

    • Travel:

      • Travel Coordinator - Dan Barrows < 

    • Premier - Joe Sousa < 

      • PSC Dynamo (Girls) - Anne Byrnes-Vescera < >

      • PSC Dynamo (Boys) - Dan Barrows < >

  2. What is the difference between in-house rec and travel? In-house Rec teams typically practice once/week for 60 minutes whereas travel teams practice 2 times per week for 90 minutes. All in-house rec games are in Prospect/Beacon Falls and are against other Prospect teams whereas travel teams play against teams from other towns and typically travel to those other towns for 50% of their games (typically inside a 20-30 minute drive for away games).

  3. When will the Spring season start? The Travel season will start early April and Rec season will start late April  - weather and fields permitting. We will communicate more specifically as the season gets closer.

  4. Why is the registration deadline so early for travel? This deadline is driven by the fact that we must submit our travel team numbers and classifications for the season to the district by late Jan so they can form the divisions for the season - doing so requires that we know in advance how many players we'll have by age and gender.

  5. Do I register for the team I played on last Fall? Registration is now based on birth year of the child, please visit -> US Soccer Birth Year and Season Matrix to see which Ux your child will play for in the Fall, for example birth year of 2010 is U7 and 2004 is U13.

  6. Do I have to play Rec if I play travel? PSC highly recommends U9 and U10 Travel players to play In-house Rec and encourages older children as well; however, it is no longer required. The cost to play In-house Rec will only be $15 if signed up for Travel.  If interested, please register for both and prior to paying, please contact David Cambra (davidcambra619@gmail.com) who will apply the discount.

  7. There is a question on my travel registration form about travel rec vs travel comp - what is the difference? The primary difference between travel rec and travel comp pertains to how the players are selected and how play time is determined as outlined below. We have included this question as part of the registration process to help us understand which players prefer travel comp vs travel rec and will use answers to this question when forming teams and deciding which teams are travel comp vs travel rec.

    • Player Selection: On a Travel Comp team players are typically selected based on skills in relation to other players whereas on a Travel Rec team anyone who signs up is placed on the team. These evaluations can be based on a Coach’s exposure during prior seasons, formal tryouts and/or a combination of both.

    • Playing Time: On a Travel Comp team there is no guarantee or guideline around playing time during games. While Coaches still strive for play time of those selected for the team – this play time is determined based on how a player is performing for the team (both in practices and in games) and player attitude (eg toward teammates and coaches) and can vary from game to game (eg in a highly competitive ‘league’ game less advanced players may not see as much or any play time). On a Travel Rec team there is a guideline in place that all players receive 50% playing time. While we allow flexibility on this guideline from game to game – our PYS Travel Rec team coaches are asked to ensure that all players receive a balanced and evenly distributed amount of playing time over the course of a Travel Rec team’s season.

  8. Will there be tryouts for the travel teams? Tryouts will be on an as needed basis for travel competition teams. We will not have tryouts for travel recreation teams. Tryouts for travel comp teams will be communicated to age appropriate players in advance of tryouts if they become necessary.

  9. My son/daughter played for PSC last Spring but then went to High School last Fall. Can s/he return to play PSC this Spring? Yes - we will have a U14 and/or a U15 travel teams providing we have enough age appropriate players signup.

  10. Do I need to pay when I register? It is highly recommended that you pay in full at the time of registration. If you do not pay your player's registration will not be considered complete and your child may not be registered to a team. We are a volunteer run organization and appreciate your assistance in helping us to avoid volunteers spending time following up to collect missing payments.