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Field Closing Policy

Overseeing and coordinating our fields each season is a complex task for Hartwell and its volunteers.

Although we are given primary use of certain fields each season, school events can take first priority for school fields. Additionally, we do share some of the fields with other town-sponsored activities and private events, which can also impact availability.

The Town of Glastonbury's Parks and Rec Department manages all fields that Hartwell Soccer uses, including all school fields. The town is responsible for their upkeep, lining the fields, and making decisions if they are playable during poor weather or other conditions. For example, the town may close a field if the grass needs treatment or if the fields are soaked from past rain.

Generally, Parks and Rec will close fields when the fields are at risk and Hartwell is responsible for canceling activities when kids are at risk. Prior to practices and games, Hartwell will follow the direction of the town's Parks and Rec Department when it comes to field closings. If Parks and Rec closes a field, Hartwell will cancel all soccer activities scheduled for that day for that field (including practice) even if the sun is shining and the kids are safe.

UNEXPECTED WEATHER. Unexpected storms, weather and field conditions are such that game/practice-time decisions must be made either by coaches, GHSC staff, or referees. Coaches have the discretion to cancel practices if they deem the weather or field conditions are an issue for their age group.

THUNDER LIGHTNING. The safety of all of our players is Hartwell's primary concern, so if there is thunder/lightning at any time or any other severe weather or safety issue when fields are open, all coaches and referees are instructed to move players to a safe spot and wait 30 minutes before entering a field again.

Field status notifications will be targeted for:

  • Weekdays - by 3:30 pm

  • Weekends - 2 hours (when possible) prior to event time (practice, clinic, game)‚Äč

When weather or any other external event impacting our use of fields occurs, Hartwell will always post a scrolling marquee on the website indicating fields are closed and send an e-mail to our members. If your account on Hartwell's website is set up to receive text messages, you will also receive a text message noting the cancellation at that time. We highly recommend setting up text notification, as it will allow the fastest way to communicate the status of our fields.

Making timely decisions on field closures is important. However, please understand that we rely on volunteers and coaches who walk the fields and watch the weather reports closely to maximize play and ensure the safety of our kids. As a result we may not always be able to adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth above and we appreciate your patience and understanding. More volunteers are always welcome!

BOTTOM LINE: unless you hear otherwise from Hartwell Fields are considered OPEN. When fields are CLOSED you will receive an e-mail or text (if registered) and Hartwell's website will be updated accordingly.