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Athletic Facilities Bear Names of Long-time Coaches

Football field, road and basketball court named for long-time coaches.
Coaches HonoredThe athletic fields on Riverside’s campus have a lot of history behind them. The privilege of having an athletic field named after oneself, is an honor that not many people get to receive.

The football stadium was named after Linny Wrenn, a football coach that passed away in 2003.
The field that inhabits the stadium was named after the coach who took the team to the state championship in 2006, Tommy Blalock. The field was named in 2008 when he chose to retire after his successful career as football coach.

“It’s quite an honor and it was a big surprise when they named the field after me,” Blalock said. “I was really astonished and also a bit embarrassed. I did not expect that at all.”

The upper gym is named after the physical education teacher and athletic director of Riverside, Margratha Chambers; better known as Coach Chambers. 
The senior class of 2011 was very fond of Coach Chambers and convinced the principal and faculty to have the court named after her.

“It is a great honor, and it makes me very happy every time I walk into the gym to teach P.E,” Chambers said. 

The road leading down to the football field was named Susan Fowler Drive in 2008 after the cheerleading coach and secretary Susan Fowler retired.

“All four of us were in the original faculty of Riverside High School,” Chambers said.
By Benjamin Peters


New gym floor dedicated to honorable coach

November 13, 2011

Last June, the graduating class recognized athletic director Margratha Chambers by naming a new gym floor in her honor.

Chambers has been working at the school since its opening in 1991, and many teachers and students alike believe she has earned this honor completely. 

“I don’t know if there is another person who deserves it more,” said Secretary Karen Mangum. 

Chambers has worked at the school for 21 years and has been teaching students athletically, as well as academically, wholeheartedly every year.
“It was a surprise to me from the 2011 graduating class, and that’s all I know,” said Chambers. 

When the students heard that the school was re-doing the gym floor, they decided as a class that they would dedicate it to Chambers on the day of graduation.  The floor now reads “Chambers Court, Class of 2011” for everyone to see and recognize for many years to come.

By Jack Leinbach